Chef Angela-Michelle Teaches Online Cooking Courses to Help You Become a Better Cook


Chef Angela-Michelle is an international culinary expert who enjoys inspiring the world to shop, cook, eat, and live healthily. She’s a plant-based flexitarian who loves to travel abroad. No matter the destination, she thrives on submerging herself into the culture. Besides traveling and cooking, Chef Angela-Michelle enthusiastically enjoys horseback riding, snorkeling, driving sports cars, and creating her flavorful spice mixes.…

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The Self Vows; Seven Vows That Will Change Your Life, An Interview with Author Dr. Michelle Hannah


   Dr. Michelle R. Hannah, through her life’s medical challenges and overwhelming love for humanity, the health, emotional well-being of people, and commitment to living authentically- is among the most influential women today. Michelle’s family, education, and personality molded her for life as a resounding voice for the brokenhearted and those that desire to be free. Michelle’s remarkable spirit, determination,…

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Kearn Cherry: Tips for Producing a Successful Event 


Kearn Cherry is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, author, and collaborator. She is the coach of “Creating Your Event.”  Mrs. Cherry is the visionary author for her new book anthology called “Make It Happen”. She is also the visionary author for the recently released “Trailblazers Who Lead” which featured 29 stories. She has been featured twice in Essence Magazine as the…

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Noreen N. Henry Author of Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life


Noreen N. Henry is a Victorious Living Strategist, who is an overcomer and legacy changer; who is known for her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding along with quick results.  One of her passions is to see lives transformed from defeat to victory. She is a multiple #1 international bestselling books and new her book, “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life”…

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The Making of a Successful Business Woman Press Release

Women Business Owners Tell All Los Angeles, CA. August 19, 2020. Want to be a boss lady, a self-sufficient woman who creates and thrives in her own business? In The Making of a Successful Business Woman, 20 entrepreneurs share stories of their journey to becoming business owners. They discuss tactics for business survival, their pivotal moments, their highs and lows, and how…

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Evelyn Donelson: Transformational and Professional Life Coach Helping Women Evolve into Leaders


Evelyn Donelson is first and foremost a woman of God who loves to sing praise and worship songs. She is a Transitional & Professional Life Coach and she also enjoys writing. Over the last few years, Evelyn has decided to pursue her passion and became an author. She is the co-author of three book collaborations, with one being an Amazon…

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Black Owned Seo Company Announces Strategic Partnership With Los Angeles South Chamber Of Commerce

  Black Owned SEO Company partners with Los Angeles South Chamber to launch a menu of services for companies making less than $250,000 per year.   The SEO Queen, a leader in digital marketing solutions for small businesses that specializes in website design, seo, mobile app development, and social media marketing is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with…

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Author Lynda Joice: Press Release

PRESS RELEASE     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Name:             Lynda Joice Company:      Vision Productions Inc. Publisher:      Strive Publishing Email:      (Philadelphia, PA) August 18, 2020, Surviving on Broken Pieces is a memoir that is based on one woman’s testimony of overcoming challenges in her life.   In this book, Surviving on Broken Pieces, author Lynda Joice…

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Free Course: How To Avoid The Productivity Trap With Deandrea Fleming

FREE COURSE: HOW TO AVOID THE PRODUCTIVITY TRAP Topic: Time Management and Productivity   COURSE DESCRIPTION The truth is that many people sabotage themselves when it comes to being productive. They waste time without even thinking about it and then wonder how they’ll ever be successful with the limitations given to them. However, many find themselves unsure of the next…

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