Angela Barrow-Dunlap: Impacting The World Through Theatre, Film, And Television


Angela Barrow-Dunlap is an innovative and forward-thinking visionary who is passionate about creating impactful theatre, film, and television content that will not only entertain, but enlighten and inspire viewers across the nation. Angela is Married to Myron Dunlap and they have 5 children Ryon, Brandon, Dimitri, Cameron & Kennedy. Tell us about your business FAITH ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA LLC Broadening the…

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Minister Shearese N. Stapleton: Educating Mother’s

  Minister Shearese N. Stapleton is a native of Flint, Michigan; Who has had the pleasure of mothering three amazing young adults. Minister Stapleton has worked with Families for over 25 years, from running a Group childcare to becoming a preschool teacher, Family engagement Coordinator, and now the Minister of Family Development for Calvary United Methodist Church Flint.  Minister Stapleton…

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 Dr. Iboro Udoh: How to Ignite Your Life and Live Like a VIP       

Courageous Woman Magazine Iboro Udoh

  Dr. Iboro Udoh How to Ignite Your Life and Live Like a VIP        Independent, Brave, Optimistic, Resilient, and Objective are just a few characteristics to describe Dr. Iboro Udoh, also known as the American born “VIP Influencer”. She decided to forsake her comfortable life as a fulltime nurse and take a chance on herself by following her dream…

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