An interview with Author Dr. Michelle R. Hannah

Dr. Michelle R. Hannah is a healer and an advocate for singles and couples as it relates to emotional healing.

What is the motivation behind the book, The Vows?

The Vows Program has helped many domestically,because the world deserves to have this information.


What can readers expect to learn in this book?

How to emotionally heal, connect deeper through Intimacy and live authentically


What has writing this book led you to do?

Be more fully present with clients, recommit my marital vows daily, and write the Self-vows program and book.


What do you want readers to grasp and take away from this book?

  • The 4 intimacies
  • Defining and reinventing their unique relationship
  • Boundaries (personal and business)
  • Deeper transparency
  • Ushering the relationship & marriage into total vulnerability
  • Identifying the sickness in the relationship
  • Communicating effectively
  • Living instead of surviving


Do you have other books, if so, what are they?

The Breakingpoint, A Full Circle Journey

The Self Vow coming soon in August


What’s next for Dr. Michelle R. Hannah?

The release of the Self Vow and The Self Vows Women Retreat in June and August


What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?

A woman that has lived through the height of adversity and has lived to tell her tale.


How can readers connect with you?

Michelle_r_hannah IG

Michelle Life Coaching FB


Is your book available on Amazon?

Yes, under the full title, The Vows.

Featured in Courageous Woman Magazine May/June 2019

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