Are You an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, or Minister?



Are you an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, or Minister?

Courageous Woman Magazine would like to give you a platform to uplift and inspire women around the world through your written words of inspiration and encouragement.

If you’re looking to expand your reach and your target audience is women, we have thousands of readers and over a million listeners on our radio show that would appreciate your words of encouragement.
You know that words are powerful, and saying the right words can change someone’s life. It is our desire to spread love and light to the world and we’d love for you to join us.

We cordially invite you to come shine your light upon this land and provide a burst of inspiration to our readers.

Become an Encouragement Ambassador for Courageous Woman Magazine.

Write as if you are speaking to a live audience of women who are eager to hear a word that would
inspire them.

Words of encouragement will be posted daily and you can submit as many articles as you like.

Ambassadors can be male or female and must be a Life Coach, Minister, or Speaker

What to Submit:
1. Submit 150-200 words max and we’ll share with our readers.
2. Send a graphic or quality head shot photo of you.
3. Include 1 social media address

1. You increase your online presence and credibility.
2. When your name is Googled, your Encouraging Words article will populate in the search engines.
3. More people will have the opportunity to connect with you.

Click the links below to review some of the Encouraging Words posts.

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Be sure to proof read your article before you send it. Check spelling and grammer. We need your article to be error free!

In addition to the form please email us your article in MS Word Format to:

Put “Encouraging Words” in the Subject line.

Submit Your Encouraging Words

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