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Aren’t you ready to become an author?

We are looking for at least 50 extraordinary women to be part of our collaborative book,  sharing your definition of a courageous woman.

The Collaborative Book
A Courageous Woman

Collaborative books have become a popular way to become a published author without having to stress about writing a full book by yourself. Many people would like to write a book, but can’t find the time to write and complete a book or have the money to publish it. Being part of a collaborative book is a great way to get published and make your dream of becoming a published author come true.

As a magazine and media outlet, we already have a great audience that supports our mission to encourage and empower women. That means, when you participate in our projects you will have the advantage of having a full staff of writers, editors, public relations and marketing experts on your team. So, if you’re looking for a great opportunity to expand your brand, don’t miss this chance to be part of the inspirational collaborative book, A Courageous Woman.

Our number one goal is to make the book, A Courageous Woman a bestseller, a remarkable inspirational piece for women, and be distributed for years to come. In addition to the support of our media affiliates, our Courageous Woman Team has developed an impressive marketing plan that will include author interviews, book signings, and other social events, that we believe will help put the book on a path to accomplishing that “Bestseller” goal.

Are you ready to:

Add “Author” to your profile?

See your name on a book cover?

Google your name and be listed as an author?

Add another book to your credit if you’re already an author?

Add a new item to your products

Start today

Get the benefits that will help you:

Build credibility

Leverage your brand

Gain new opportunities for speaking

Make money from book sales

Book Launch
MAY 2017

Brief details

Your submission should answer the question “What is a Courageous woman?”

As a contributor, you will get…

  1. Up to four pages in the book A Courageous Woman
  2. Two FREE copies of the book
  3. To be part of promotions for this book
  4. To be part of a WRITE CHICKS event
  5. Lots of publicity and a promotional article on
  6. Numerous opportunities to join us for book signings or have your own book signings and sell your own books.

NEW – Get a 2nd page Free! (Option 1)

Special offer – Those who want to share their courageous words. We are now offering one-page, 1-24 word submission. This special package  DOES NOT include free books, personal promo article or promotions. You will get to earn money selling the book and be part of selected book signings.

We are very excited about this collaborative book project and much time and effort will go into making it a wonderful experience for all involved.

How to get started

Although we’d like to make this book project free to participants, we will incur substantial cost to produce it, therefore, a minimal investment is required to contribute. The fees you pay will go towards a quality book design, editing, printing, and promotion.


You man submit a short story about an extraordinarily courageous woman or your creative and inspirational definition of a courageous woman.

Your investment:

$100 – One-page. Your brief definition or poem about a courageous woman only (25-200 words max)

$200 – Up to two pages. Short story or long definition (250 -500 words max)

$300 – Three to four pages. Short story (501-1000 words max)


In many of the interviews we conduct, we ask the question, “What is your definition of a courageous woman?”

Here are a few of those answers from some recent courageous women we’ve interviewed:

A courageous woman is a woman of God. She is not afraid to admit her faults. She is not a people-pleaser. She is humble and content with her current circumstances, knowing that she has a future that will get better. She makes the best of her life. She is teachable and willing to share her knowledge with others.
Precious Rutlin

A Courageous Woman is one who, despite the obstacles, she is faced with, and the fears she may be surrounded by…she PRESSES her way to Purpose!
Kelly Joyner


Deadline: EXTENDED to March 30, 2017  to secure you page

Submission Deadline: on March 30, 2017

LET US KNOW if you’re interested.

Fill out the quick form below

When you ready to confirm your page(s) in this book Please use the Paypal link below to pay for you submission. You can submit a deposit of the full payment
Full payment is due by March 30, 2017

3 Book Options

Be a Contributing Author

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