Author Spotlight: Catherine Gail Turner

Catherine Gail Turner is a woman of integrity and a positive influence.  These traits identify Catherine both naturally and professionally as she strives to intentionally and purposefully “Live to BE a Blessing!”  As the owner of Goodbooks LLC, she helps individuals and small businesses identify, implement, and IGNITE the power of their purse through customized financial strategies.  As an Evangelist, she encourages people to live life to the glory of God, and as an Author she compels men, women, and children to operate in the spirit of love and forgiveness to overcome life’s most challenging situations.  She grew up in the rocky mountain mid-western State of Colorado and has happily resided in the beautiful state of Maryland for nearly two decades.  Catherine is a wife, mother, and true teacher at heart who was born to positively touch lives.

What is the premise of your book, Mama Mae?

Mama Mae, my inaugural book, is a power-packed novel of love, forgiveness, self-realization, and purpose.  It is a journey for those who desire to embrace the power of love and forgiveness when a person does “their” best but it isn’t “the best.”  Growing up as an adopted child in Colorado Springs, Colorado taught me some difficult lessons about life. But moreover, with God’s help, I also learned how to overcome my deepest hurts and begin to live joyfully alive.


What motivated you to write it?

I was motivated to write Mama Mae with the primary intent of helping people understand that God will give them the ability to love and forgive the seemingly unlovable.  I wanted to share my story so that individuals could also know that being accepted and loved by God supersedes the rejection and abandonment of any living creature.


What do you hope readers will gain from it?

I hope that readers will embrace the power of love and forgiveness to journey from rejection to fulfillment, from unmet expectations to deliverance, and most importantly from disguised hate to intentionally and purposefully living to BE a blessing!


What’s next for Catherine Gail Turner?

My next project will focus on helping small micro-businesses get started by developing a healthy mindset, obtaining an accountability partner, and building the right team for their ultimate success.

How can readers connect with you

FB: Catherine Gail Turner

IG: @catherinegailturner

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