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My name is Nora Shariff – Borden, I am a family-oriented businesswoman from Boston, Ma who is passionate about helping other women discover their greatness and be successful in business.! I come from a family of 3 sisters, we were raised by a God-fearing single mother who struggled to raise us on her own! This is why I am so passionate about helping women achieve greatness through business. I believe I am doing God’s will for my life by making sure other women have the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their families! I am a philanthropist and an author of 6 books thus far. I am also the Founder of Business Women On The Move For God, which is an organization that helps God-fearing business women discover their true potential!

Nora Shariff

What is the premise of your book, Why Are You Sitting On Your Greatness?

I believe I was created to show other women how important it is to discover the greatness that God has given to us all!  So I decided to create a book that speaks to the greatness within, I named this book “Why are you sitting on your greatness”! It is specifically designed for women who know they have a purpose but are having a hard time identifying what that purpose may be.

What motivated you to write it?

It was a calling from God that made me write this book and I simply listened to it.


What’s next for you?

To establish a scholarship program for young women who major in business! Every year we will choose a winner based on a written essay on why they chose to major in business. The first scholarship will be for $10,000 and will grow every year.


How can readers connect with you?
They can visit my website @





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