Author Spotlight: Willette M. Hurst

Willette M. Hurst is the Owner and Founder of Driven To Empower U LLC. She was born in Santa Monica CA.  Willette is an author, speaker, and empowerment coach. She loves to speak about what God has done in her life in hopes that it will help others get through their storms. Willette has a passion for empowering everyone she meets to walk in their true authentic self. 


What is the premise of your book, Don’t Kill Your Vision for Another Man’s Baby

My book was written to empower and encourage. It’s meaning is to show people that they are meant to birth all of their dreams and desires.


What motivated you to write it?

I wanted to encourage people to stop building other people’s dreams. I want people to focus on building their own.


What do you hope readers will gain from it? 

I want them to gain the desire and motivation it takes to give birth to their dreams and goals. 


What’s next for Willette M. Hurst? 

I’m currently working on my third book. This next book will be to inspire and build hope for those who have lost everything in these times.


How can readers connect with you? I can be contacted via Facebook. ” Willette Hurst”.

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