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Cortina Peters is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Motivational Strategist, Author, and Entrepreneur. Out of all of her titles, her favorite is mom. She has been providing professional therapeutic services since 2009. Empowering individuals to become and be better individuals is a deeply held passion of hers. This passion was the springboard that caused her to launch Boundless Living Coaching, Counseling, & Consulting, now known as the IAmCortinaPetes brand, which is a counseling and consulting firm aimed at helping individuals, organizations, and companies thrive and function at optimum potential.

What is the premise of your book, The W.O.W. Effect- Winning Over Winning?

The W.O.W. Effect- Winning Over Winning is a step by step guide to help you unlock your winner within and overcome the setbacks you’ve experienced. It explores the many barriers that prevent us from being able to view ourselves as winners. It also teaches the reader to embrace the winner within and rid themselves of distorted views of who they are.  This is a book of discovery, truth, and the journey of moving forward in life.

What motivated you to write it?

After many years of continuously hitting an emotional wall, I was able to develop a step by step method to discover the winner in me. I became a conqueror and understood that winning was not about simply winning, but that it is a mindset that is developed over time.

What do you hope readers will gain from it?

My desire is for readers to walk away with hope.  They will explore what it truly means to W.O.W.. They will explore the notion that winning is being able to overcome any challenge, fear, obstacle, defeat, negative emotion or barrier preventing them from being able to walk in their true purpose or become their authentic self. They will see that winning encompasses their ability to see themselves, as imperfect as they may be, as perfectly flawed. They will also learn the necessary tools for accepting the power to create their destiny. Lastly, they will walk away knowing that winning is the ability to love all of who they are, for who they are.

What’s next for you?

My goal is to continue my mission of empowering, inspiring, and motivating individuals to win in every area of their lives. I am also working on expanding my brand and developing a workbook to accompany The WOW Effect

How can readers connect with you

IG: @thewoweffect2020





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