Deceptive Vows by Gary Tavares

PrintDeceptive Vows
by Gary G. Tavares

Listed on Courageous Woman Magazine’s Best Books to Read List
(November 2016)

gary-tavaresBeing abandoned by both parents at the tender age of four and being raised in the Bronx in foster care has given me a lot to write about. Needless to say I faced many challenges. Writing later became my escape and my drug of choice.
I can write any format or Genre. I am a Screenwriter, Playwright, Author and Poet. I am also a Youth Motivational Speaker. Starting out with natural talent; I have been writing since 1993. I had all four of my educational plays done onstage in California. I have written four screenplays, from action to horror, and this is my third poetry book. My poetry books educationally address tough youth, community and political social issues.
One of the poems from my current book entitled, “From a Dream to Reality: a Historic Election” was sent to the White house by me. I received an ink-pen signed “Thank you” letter from both President Obama and Michelle Obama. I enjoy writing books and genres that are educational and thought-provoking. I am currently working on a fictional novel entitled, “Deceptive Vows.” This very powerful novel will address the issue of domestic violence.


Please tell us about you and your writing experience?
Writing was a natural talent I discovered I had in the early 90’s, while living in California. I had a boring security officer job where I sat at a desk from 11pm to 7am. One night I brought a pen and pad and just started writing. By the time the sun came up I had written my first play. That play and my other 3 plays were all produced on stage in Oakland and Berkeley. I did take some writing courses and seminars to sharpen my talent, but I have never looked back. Now I am CEO & Founder of Tavares Entertainment, LLC., which is a Georgia licensed publishing and creative writing service. I have published six books. Three are mine and three are from other authors. I write screenplays, books, plays, poetry, pilots, and web series. I can write several genres including, action, horror, urban, true-life, dramas and thrillers.


What genre is your book?

My book is very realistic but can be called fictional drama or urban drama. It can also be called a suspense novel.

 What motivated you to write this story?                                         
I watched one of my sisters get abused by one of her boyfriends. It was both verbal and physical abuse. At the time I was pretty young, but it really stuck to me. Fortunately, she did get out of the relationship and was able to move on. When I started writing plays, I liked writing about community and social issues. I felt this issue had to be addressed, even if it had to be from a male perspective. In fact, “Deceptive vows” started out as a play I wrote and directed entitled, “Until Death Do Us Part.” The play version did very well. It had standing ovations and made the Berkeley Voice Newspaper. It was performed in 2000 and brought back for an encore presentation in 2001. I then wrote the screenplay version and book version so I could address this issue to a wider audience.


Are you speaking to a specific audience?                                        
For the most part I am speaking to the many women and teen girls who have become, or may potentially become, victims or survivors of domestic violence. The book is very educational and has a powerful story line and message.

Is there a message you want to convey and what do you want people to get from reading your book?                                                                                              
The message I hope to convey is that domestic violence is a problem in today’s society that needs to be addressed. I want the book to be a voice for abused women. I want survivors to know there is hope and they are not alone. I want the book to be required, educational reading for at-risk women and teen girls.


Where is your book available?

My book is available on Amazon, Createspace (which is a subsidiary of Amazon) and my website listed below.


What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?                                  
 I believe a courageous woman is a woman of strength. A woman who can face her fears, overcome them and turn them into her strengths. A fearless woman who is also an achiever and a fighter.

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See the film trailer of the movie version of “Deceptive Vows”

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