Book Reviews: The Baptist Junkie by Telishia Berry


Brenda is the youngest of Deacon John Wilson’s four children. He tries to keep them all on the straight and narrow, but his strict, religious practices only ignite a pattern of rebellion for Brenda. The day she loses her virginity, she conceives a child. The problem is she is sixteen and pregnant out of wedlock, an issue a 1968 society uses to reject young girls. Her dreams of someday becoming a wife and mother, living happily-ever-after are diminished when the father of her unborn child rejects her, the church shuns her, and her father’s words, “You are ruined!” send her on an emotional tailspin.

Her quest for love, acceptance, and validation leads her on a journey of poor choices in men, friends, and indulgence in drugs from marijuana to heroin. Her tumultuous trek takes her from the church house, to the dope house, to the whorehouse, and eventually the jailhouse.

Will this good girl lost find her way? Will she redeem herself and her faith in God? Will she realize her worth is not based on the judgment of others? Will she recognize true love when it crosses her path or will she keep running from her pain?

The Baptist Junkie is the debut novel by Telishia Berry. She is a playwright, and publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine. For more info or interviews. contact Telishia
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18 Thoughts to “Book Reviews: The Baptist Junkie by Telishia Berry”

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    Thank you for reading my novel. Flint love!

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    Thank you for taking the time to read my novel.

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  10. Artie Dixson-Tyler

    “The Baptist Junkie” is a must Read! I felt present in the time and setting because of such articulate description! Every character is well depicted! Kudos to Author/Writer Telishia Berry! I’m anxiously awaiting your next book!

  11. Geraldine Fleurant

    The Baptist Junkie was truly a great read, it was rather interested how the author developed the main character Brenda; many of us who are followers of Jesus can truly relate to Brenda, because at one point or another we all have strayed from the path of being true followers of Christ. Brenda strays from the church; she has a child out of wedlock, later becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol. She has to withstand the ridicule from others and the Church but in the end restoration and transformation comes, when she turns her life around by returning to Church. Great Book Telisha Berry!

  12. Valerie E. Brantley

    Very Interesting. Brenda is Modern Day and similiar to alot of Women. Rebellion, will make You do what You should Not. But overall, My God will stand By You until you get it Right. I can say Ms. Berry that I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Very Proud of You. You Have a Gift of God and Plenty of Skills !!!!! Waiting on the Next Book. Good Critic for Life Sis. . . Valerie

  13. Roy Rogers

    Telishia, I read the Baptist Junkie and I am glad I did. This book was a very interesting read. I learned a lot from this book. Although it kept me on edge and just thinking the entire time poor Brenda. But the lesson was truly there…God got You no matter what you go through during life just hold on your blessing is coming.. Thank you for the wonderful novel and I truly enjoyed it and now my aunts are reading it, my twin from flint, and even some of the book clubs here in SC are reading it…You are on the map with this one and I’m glad a Flinstone wrote it and allowed me to have some flashbacks of FLINT….

  14. I enjoyed Baptist Junkie from beginning to end. The characters added a nice spice to the story. They were very relatable and realistic personalites. Being from Flint, it was nice to see references of the city throughout. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of Jake at first, but he seemed to be alright in the end. Overall, a good full circle story and a very good read!

  15. …beauty for ashes… It’s what I think about having read Telishia Berry’s “The Baptist Junkie.” Not only is this tale a strong redemption story, but it also shows readers that no matter the ugly, the hurt, the pain they have gone through, through grace and faith, those scars can be healed and beauty can be restored. It’s one thing to read for entertainment; it’s another to read to be entertained AND to glean messages for your own life. “The Baptist Junkie” does both. ~ Shonell Bacon, author, editor, educator

  16. Words–They Will Hurt You

    Brenda Wilson, like most children, needs the love and support of her parents, especially her father. But, how can she love and obey the Father she can’t see when the father she lives with browbeats her and her siblings with the letter of the Biblical law?

    Sixteen-year-old Brenda is unexpectedly pregnant. The words spoken over her by her father, serve as her roadmap to hell. In need of something to quiet the din of harsh words, fast living, assorted men, drugs and alcohol become Brenda’s way of self-medicating.

    The Baptist Junkie by Telishia Berry puts on display the power of the spoken word. It also shows the danger of kept secrets. Most of all we’re presented with the truth of God’s everlasting love and forgiveness in spite of our human failings.

    Dr. Linda F. Beed / Reviewer
    On Assignment Reviews @

  17. Rachelle Ruffin

    I found this story to be a sad truth & very frustrating as Brenda (the junkie) stayed on a roller coaster! Jake was hero & it would of been nice to see him there w/Brenda at the end. I love Uncle Pap!! I was able to visualize the areas where things took place since it was based in Flint. Overall, I enjoyed the book and it took me 4 days to read!!! I already have faces for the characters to be played in the movie!

    Thank you,
    Rachelle Ruffin

  18. Donna Berry

    Telisha I read your book and I truly enjoyed it, brought back memories of my days in the 60’s being a young and dumb girl trying to get out of my mom’s home into the hands of a SO CALL HUSBAND, my life was hell with three children I could relate to Brenda, this book is a must read. I am just so sorry to say that the book will leave you hanging, wondering what happen to Brenda and Jake. Did she marry him and ride off into the sunset or was he like all the rest.

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