Constance Craig-Mason: Co-Author, Girl Get Up and Win

Constance Craig-Mason:  Co-Author, Girl, Get Up and Win


Constance Craig-Mason is the CEO & Visionary of Concierge Financial Group. She is a passionate International Speaker, Award Winning Insurance Broker, Dedicated Financial Coach and former Small Business Consultant, who marries Self-Care & Financial Literacy with Positive Daily Behaviors fostering a shift in her client’s financial well-being! She’s likened to a “Financial Therapist! Constance has been a Contributing Author in two anthologies entitled,  Girl, Get Up and Win and Emerge. She is active in her community and is an Awareness Advocate for financial illiteracy, women’s empowerment, breast cancer, sexual assault and mental health. She has received numerous awards for community impact in her field, been featured in several magazines such as Vital, SwagHer, Business Men & Women of Color, His Favor and Summit. Constance has been the Financial Expert guest on various podcasts & online radio, as well as panelist platforms. She was an honoree at The Black Business Review’s 2019 Class of 40 Under 40.

What are Your Finances a Reflection Of, By Constance Craig-Mason

I wrote this chapter, because there were times in my life, where I was conflicted with what I was feeling on the inside and what God promised for my life. Once I learned who He was and who He said that I was, I was then empowered to make the necessary shifts in all areas of my life, particularly financially. Financial stability was a new concept for my family. But I knew that if I could learn about God, myself and implement money strategies, then I would have options in life that others before me never had.

“Financial literacy is the key element in shifting the negative behaviors, habits and emotions about money that impede our growth.


My hope for readers

My hope is the realization of how there’s things inside of them from the past and present that may be holding them back from being financially free!

A courageous woman

A Courageous Woman is one that moves forward despite her past trauma, fears, doubts or opinions of others.

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