Courageous Woman Magazine’s Best Books to Read List November 2016

1.Print Deceptive Vows
by Gary Tavares

Deceptive Vows is based on the powerful play entitled, Until Death Do Us Part, written by Gary G. Tavares. The play version was performed in Oakland, California in 2000 and brought back for an encore production in 2001. This novel takes a raw and in-depth view of the issue of domestic violence. A portion of the proceeds from this novel will go to the PADV (Partnership Against Domestic Violence) organization in Atlanta Georgia.

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blessed-book-cover-front-12. Blessed: How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life
by Dr. Shirley Clark

Becoming wealthy has a lot to do with attraction. How do you smell? Do you have the right fragrance in your life to draw wealth and riches to you? If not, inside this book, Dr. Clark shares 8 steps to drawing wealth and riches into your life. The sooner you empower your life with these strategies, the sooner you’ll see increase

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Slide 13. Diary Confessions of a Happily Married Wife
by Jessica Mosley ( Collaboration book)

So, what does it truly mean to be a Happily Married Wife? Is it based on your husbands’ prestigious name, His money, cars, his physique? TRUTH is, real happiness is something ONLY God Himself can give you! Take a journey through our diary confession entries and see what it truly means to be a Happily Married Wife!

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Jessica L.Taylor







mARRIAGE AND fAMILY4. Marriage and Family
by Dr. Wendell J. Davis Sr.

A couple must learn to agree to disagree but remain together as you learn to understand one another, as Christians the pastor, priest, bishop or whomever the Christian role model is, needs to invest in Christian counseling from a Biblical perspective. Christian Marriages can survive when two people are committed to having the marriage GOD’S way. This book is a study in Christian Education in Family Therapies & Marriage, From the Christian Model, Biblical Marriage Therapy, to the Need for Christian Family Therapy, and what the Bible teaches about the Family, Marriage, Divorce, Infidelity, Grace, Sanctity of Marriage, Children, Jealousy and the Husband as the Head of the Family.

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Dr. Wendell J. Davis


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