The Book: What is a Courageous Woman is Now Available

78 co-authors who have shared their definition of a courageous woman.  Get your copies today and share with women in your family or church.

An Interview with the Publisher of Courageous Woman MagazineTelishia in black 2

Telishia Berry an author and the publisher of Courageous of Courageous Woman Magazine.

Tell us about this book?
Like Courageous Woman Magazine, the book, What is a Courageous Woman is intended to be an inspirational writing piece to encourage anyone who reads it. I am very excited about this book. One of my favorite questions we asked in many of our magazine and radio show interviews is, What is a courageous woman? Some of the answers were so inspiring and so eloquent that I decided that I wanted to compile those answers for a book. I asked a few people to contribute and then I put the word out about it and more people contributed.

Who are the contributors to this book?
There are 78 contributors, women and men including me, who have shared their thoughts on what a courageous woman is. The contributors are doctors, lawyers, mothers, and people from all walks of life who wanted to encourage others by sharing their definition of a courageous woman.

What can people expect from reading this book?
My hope is that people who read this book will be inspired to dream and get motivated to do whatever they desire to do. We are planning book signings around the country. The book will serve as a fundraiser for organizations such as battered women shelters and organizations around the country. Our first book signing will be held in Flint, Michigan, January 20, 2018.

How can businesses and organizations help your movement?
Business can help by purchasing the book and donating to women’s organizations or sponsoring our programs and events to help women’s organizations.



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