Diary Confessions of a HAPPILY MARRIED WIFE

Marriage Is An Institution Created By God

The scripture states that,screenshot_2016-10-06-14-49-55 “What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. (Mark 10:9) So, why is it that at times it feels at times that everything and everyone would try to come and rip a union apart? Whether it is Infidelity, finances, sickness, drugs,…..IT DOESN’T MATTER! The contributing authors of Diary Confessions Of A Happily Married Wife come declaring boldly that you, too can be a Happily Married Wife!

In this authentic, raw, and completely transparent book, you will discover how to:
• Put God FIRST in your Marriage
• FORGIVE immediately!
• Minister to your spouse God’s way; not the world’s way
• Become effective in your home, your marriage, and in your business
• Make prayer and fasting a part of your life

Come sit down and listen to the author-wives of this book who have been through every damnable thing one could imagine to take place in a marriage. Allow them to minister to your spirit and teach you how you, too, can become and stay a Happily Married Wife!
**A dvd documentary companion is also available separately of the contributing authors being interviewed regarding their chapters**
**Diary Confessions Of a Happily Married Wife Workbook coming soon!**


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2 Thoughts to “Diary Confessions of a HAPPILY MARRIED WIFE”

  1. Jessica Mosley’s vision to bring together a formidable group of bold Happily Married Wives is nothing short of amazing!! This is a movement to push the enemy back away from God’s covenant institution and to give God all praise, honor and glory!! If you need a breath to resuscitate your marriage or another ember on your already blazing fire in your marriage, this project is it!! I am happy to be one of the Happily Married Wives featured in this life altering project!!

  2. The. VISION God has given Jessica Mosley for this amazing and powerful venture will touch the lives of many! I’m honored to be apart of this powerful collaboration. And I’m blessed to be a HAPPILY MARRIED WIFE! ❤️

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