How To Live With Your Lover by Tamiko D. Mason

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Tamiko D. Mason Book coverHow To Live With Your Lover

by Tamiko D. Mason

 Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read List
(June 2016)


While it is said, “Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation”.  Hebrews 3:15

I believe that hardened hearts are causing dissension, division, and, ultimately, divorce in marital relationships.

This book was written both to prepare people for marriage and prayerfully, to soften the hearts of those in marital relationships by drawing couples closer, and causing them to embrace each other for a lifetime with their LOVER.

After 19 years in the ministry, I have watched too many marriages be destroyed.  My own covenant relationship was on the brink of destruction.   But through PRAYER, COUNSEL, and SOME OF THE THINGS SHARED IN THIS BOOK, we are now living happily with each other as LOVERS and showing others how we are achieving that goal.

CW: What compelled you to write this book?
: The desire to see couples remain together and live on purpose as God has designed. To assist those desiring to be married make a quality decision that will be pleasing to God. And to help those who made mistakes see that you can live and love beyond your past.

CW: Who are you speaking to in this book?
Newlyweds, Not yet weds, Oldyweds, and those that desire to be wed.

CW: What do you want readers to get out of this book?
A better understanding that you don’t have to sell .
TM: yourself short when desiring to be in a covenant. To help couples have a greater place of harmony in their relationships and remain in love throughout that relationship.

CW: Where is your book available
It can be purchased via my website at:

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