Jules Cobb Edwards Co-author, Girl, Get Up and Win

Jules Cobb Edwards is the CEO and Founder of From Recovery to Discovery Women’s Center.

She established the From Recovery to Discovery Women’s Center to provide supportive services, counseling, shelter, and education assistance to women and men who have been involved in or threatened by sexual assault or domestic violence.

Jules is a Domestic Violence Batter Interventionist for the state of California, a Certified Life Coach, Corporate Host, Actress, Model, and an Inspirational Speaker. She served 20 years honorably in the United States Marine Corps. Jules was a Semi-Finalist in the Ms. Veteran American Competition and is the reigning Ms. Southern California Cities, 2019.


I wrote this chapter because….

When I got divorced, I thought that my world had come to an end. It took years before I began to live again. I didn’t realize that God still had a plan for my life. If I had not divorced, I would have never gotten my master’s degree, started my nonprofit or so many other things that I’ve accomplished in my life. Though, divorced you still have a purpose.


“Sometimes the very thing or person that we are trying to hold onto, is what God is trying to remove from our life. Trust Him. He already knows the outcome”


My hope for readers is…

No matter what you’re going through or have been through in life, how many pieces you feel your heart is in, God has the power to put you back together again. Make you anew and give you a fresh anointing. Divorce is not the end, it’s your new beginning.

Words of Encouragement…

Remember, you are the Rose that grows through concrete. No boundaries can obstruct genuine growth and perseverance.Ju

A Courageous Woman is…

One that continues to serve others, while she goes through her silent storms.

Connect with me…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julia.c.edwards.7

Instagram: @perfect_storm111

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