Love Hurts By Marjelene Watts

The unwanted visitor series

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books to Read  (July 2016)

Love Hurts is my second book from the Unwanted Visitor Series, co-written by Keta Brown.  This compelling book drags Trish  back to the dark, angry, beginning, where the secrets of her haunting recurring dreams whisper to her in a unknown language. It yells to her with a take control voice.

This dream is a faceless man dragging a little girl from the local drugstore, kicking and screaming calling for her mother. Trish always wakes up feeling like something bad had just happened to her.

That dream keeps nagging her for years.  Then one day, as a young adult, her world clouds over with purple skies and twisted images of intense pain. It is the sunlight from the the other side of the mountain that brings clarity to her dream, or is this just another part of the secret?

Pain, abuse, loneliness, sadness and betrayal, both are death threats— ” The Voice,”  that tortures her daily, or the raging of an ongoing war. She  must choose to live with it or, muster the nerve too delete the Voice and start over.

Love Hurts until Trish is able to see the love of God.


CW: What compelled you to write this book?

MW:  I was compelled to write this book not only to free myself but, others who had lost their voice to speak out. This is my second book. (1st book, Unwanted Visitor).

CW: Who are you speaking to in this book?

MW: I’m speaking to those who have been abused, lost and shamed, hoping they will find the strength to stand-up and shout to the world, “Enough is Enough! Abuse must be stopped.”

CW: Do you have a favorite quote of line you’d like to share from your book?
MW: FAVORITE LINE:  Hope is a powerful thing. Without it, you lose your reason for living.

CW: What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?

MW: A Courageous Woman to me is:  A woman who through all her trials and tribulations, can stand tall and still be of service to others.

CW: How can readers connect with you?

MW: Readers can connect with me through my Facebook page, Email  and best kindle books.

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