Marriage and Family By Dr. Wendell J. Davis Sr.


Marriage and Family
Christian Education in Family Therapies and Marriage

By Dr. Wendell J. Davis Sr.

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read List
(June 2016)

“Make It Last Forever”

 Marriage & Family from a Christian Family perspective. As a senior pastor of 20 Years, and being married to my childhood sweetheart for 30 years February 2017 I have Learned How To Make It Last Forever. Marriage is a 24hr job, it requires Fortitude, Commitment, Integrity, Accountability, Good Christian Character & Communication in order to make it last forever.

 A couple must learn to agree to disagree but remain together as you learn to understand one another, as Christians the pastor, priest, bishop, father or whomever os the Christian role model needs to invest in Christian counseling from a Biblical perspective. Saints of God need to be able to receive quality Christian counseling from their local church. Christian Marriages can survive when two people are committed to having the marriage GOD’S way. In my book Marriage & Family, I have completed a thorough Christian study which deals with Christian Education in Family Therapies & Marriage. We discuss the Problem, the Christian Model, Biblical Marriage Therapy, the Need for Christian Family Therapy, what the Bible teaches about the Family, Marriage and Divorce, Infidelity in the Marriage, Grace for Marriage, Sanctity of Marriage, Children Obedience, Jealousy in the Family and the Husband as the Head of the Family.

 I an certain that my book will bless your Marriage, Encourage a Counselor and give them a Biblical took for Christian Marriage Counseling and this book will help you to Make Your Marriage Last Forever.

 Dr. Wendell J. Davis, Sr. PhD, DMIN.

Dr. Wendell J. DavisCW: What motivated you to write this book?

WD: After Celebrating 29 Years of Marriage and being a counselor for the past 20 years, I wanted to write some helpful insights to my experience with marriage personally and what I have used as tools to help others in their marriages.
CW: Describe 3 important essentials to building and maintaining a strong marriage
WD: 1) Both People Being In Love With Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. 2.) Respect, Patience, Commitment, Fortitude & Loyalty.
3.) Learning how to forgive one another for mistakes, errors, poor choices, bad decisions, shortcomings and Agreeing to Cover one another in Prayer faithfully.
CW: What do you want readers to take from this book?
WD: I would like for readers to embrace the scripture as the inerrant Word of GOD, Learn how to use the tools discussed this book to identify strengthening your marriage or counseling resource before marriage that you can study with your mate to process through and set a solid foundation going into your relationship.
CW:Where is your book available?
WD: Directly from me personally, All Major Bookstores and Online Book outlets I.e. & Xlibris,
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