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Storm Jennings


It’s A Lovesong is a cleverly packaged book of poetry that will teach you how to identity different types of love that will allow you to live, love, and laugh again. It’s a sweet and easy read that takes you on a journey of laughter, love and life that leads you back to love.


What I want readers to get from my book?
I want them to get the notion that love takes you through stages but it is totally okay to love and to forgive.

Storm Jennings

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plan-itSharon Lucas

Plan It! The Complete Resource Guide for Authors, Book Clubs & Literary Event Planners, provides an ambitious view of what a committed group of readers can achieve beyond selecting and reading a book. As a bonus, this guide is also chocked-full of easy to follow best practices to guide event planners in how to make any event a resounding success.

What I want readers to get from my book?
Readers who are looking for a blueprint on how to turn their passion for reading into an engine for encouraging literacy and supporting their favorite authors, or who need tips on how to plan an awesome event, need look no farther than this book.




leadhership-book-cover-1Sharon Frame


Own It! Love it! Learn it! Give it! Women Redefining Health, Wealth & Happiness…And How You can Too

Are you caught up in life’s “rat race” and adrift of your true purpose? Perhaps it’s time to set a better sail. Sharon Frame’s book “LeadHERship” reveals the riveting life-stories of women who quit their empty, meaningless lives, or bucked the system to chart a new, more heart-centered course to happiness.

One woman went from homeless to being a millionaire in no time! Another gave up her corporate job to go island-hopping and then moved to Tuscany, Italy, to live her dreams sharon-frame-platinum-photo-2016-1on a vineyard.

Through their daring moves, heart-aches and set-backs they discovered the four anchors of living a full life: Own it! Love It! Learn It! Give it!… See how you too can “Lead Your Ship” and live with clarity, confidence and conviction.

What I want readers to get from my book?
LeadHERship™ is based on four critical anchors I use as teaching tools in seminars and at conferences: Ownership, Relationship, Scholarship & Stewardship.

I want readers to walk away feeling empowered, to find their voice and step into their space of power, so they can live a life  of “service, substance and joyful satisfaction.”

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dr-angelete-lDr. Angelete L. Lakes

When The Bombs Stop and The Healing Begins

How do we learn to forgive after suffering from abuse? Dr. Angelete admits that she choose to overlook the red flags that came before the bombs of life for a little bit of pleasure.  Do not overlook the warning signs.  Talk about how they make you feel. Always remember it is better to discuss problems early in the relationship.

What I want readers to get from my book?
I would like the readers to know that the Holy Spirit will always give you a signal, a red flag. He will lead you to all truth, so you must be sensitive in order to avoid coming in contact with bombs that are setup to destroy you spiritually, physically, and economically. Divine plans and movement in the spirit realm will take place that your dr-angelete-lakesexpected end might materialize. This is the reason why the bombs in our lives have not destroyed us.

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