Notification of Payment Received By Bro Bedford

Notification Of Payment Received Notification of Payment Received
How To Use Internet, Mobile, & Social Media Marketing to turn Clicks into Clients Customers & Cash!

By Bro. Bedford

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read list (June 2016)

Brother Bedford shares how anyone can turn their Knowledge, Experience, Expertise & Passion Into Information Products. He also shares how Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Professionals, Service Providers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants can leverage Billion Dollar Platforms and Networks to reach Billions of people on their Smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers, Smart TVs and Cars! Bro. Bedford is a Best-Selling author and Host of Conversations with Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Black America’s # Internet Marketing & Digital Publishing Coach, Consultant & Strategist. He is quickly becoming a Fresh, New and Trusted Voice for ‘Empowerment’, ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Online Business Building’ in the African-American community. Bro. Bedford sees Entrepreneurship as the answer to curtail unemployment and corporate dependency at a time when both are proving detrimental to the African-American community. Bro. Bedford has been seen and featured on NBC, Radio-One and XM Radio along with numerous radio, television programs, and websites around the globe. He was hand-picked by best-selling author and business icon George Fraser to present at the PowerNetworking Conference, the largest business and networking conference in the world for African Americans. After years of intense study, trial, and error, Bro. Bedford has worked with, trained and coached hundreds of budding and seasoned entrepreneurs from all over the world with their offline and online businesses.
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Bro bedfordCW:  What motivated you to write this book?
I received so many request from people wanting to know how I built my online business and the strategies I’ve
used to create ‘Digital Products’ that allow me to generate cash even while I sleep.

CW: Who are you speaking to with this book?
BB: I’m speaking to the person whose thinking about building and online business and to the business owner whose been in business for 20 years, but hasn’t been able to grow their business effectively.

CW: What do you want readers to take from this book?
BB: I want readers to understand that you can turn your Ideas, Knowledge, Experience, Expertise, and Passions into products that can be sold online and it’s easier than what you may think.

CW: Where is your book available?
BB:The book is available on Amazon and other sites, but your readers can download the digital version for FREE  at

CW: How can readers connect with you?
BB: Readers can connect with me at or search Bro. Bedford on all the Social Media Sites.



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