Sister You Are More Than Your AssETS! by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan

Sister You Are More Than Your AssETS! 
By Angelia Vernon Menchan

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read
(June 2016

Sister You Are More Than Your assETS is a mentor’s outreach to young sisters. Angelia Vernon Menchan has penned a timely book sharing her life experiences as a growing and grown woman in overcoming sometimes daunting experiences. It also speaks to the way in which women can love, support and empower other women, sometimes simply by being there. This book is in no way a fix for the ills of society and will not speak to every reader. It is meant for those who can take what’s needed and pass on the rest.

CW: What motivated you to write this book?
I was actually asked to write it. Many follow me on Facebook and daily I posts thoughts and Ramblings. As a former counselor and as a mentor I’m always posting about my sisters, growing and grown. Aja Graves specifically asked me to write something speaking to feminine wholeness and resilience for growing women and a book was born. It blesses me and has become a huge part of my ministry.

CW: Who are you speaking to in this book?
Women from fifteen on… Women and those who love them.

CW: What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
: Sharing remembered experiences and sharing them freely. Each one reach and teach one.

CW: Is this book available on Nook or Kindle?
Kindle and print.

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