Soft is The New Power By Deya Smith

Soft is the New Power by Deya SmithSoft is The New Power
Embracing Your Feminine Edge To Win in Love and Life
By Deya Smith

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read list
(June 2016)

If it is possible for a book to be healing, spiritual, smart, and sexy at the same time, then this is it. From Bestselling author and creator of the Man Whisperer Multimedia Series comes the new book Soft is the New Power by Deya “Direct” Smith. What if everything you thought you understood about communicating with men was wrong? Would you be willing to re-calibrate your thinking to possess the love and life you desire? Do you realize that you have an innate power to attract amazing relationships through your ability to communicate using a soft and strategic strategy? Smith shows readers how to return to the organic softness that is feminine power. Many women are losing themselves in an effort to keep up with the male-dominated workplace and the new-age approaches to dating and relationships. Too many successful and ambitious career driven women for various reasons tend to use masculine or hard energy to survive or succeed, and as a result, not only are they exhausted, but they become hardened in communications. Smith encourages readers to take a stronger, yet softer position to gain what you want. Women have an innate power to attract amazing relationships through initiative, understanding and acceptance, coupled with the ability to approach life with a soft touch. Knowing how and when to turn on your power, does not negate the need to play hard ball when necessary, but it definitely gives you an advantage in work, play and at home. God made us the softer sex for a reason. Use it to your advantage! This book will help you to: • Identify and embrace your feminine power and emotional intelligence; • Appreciate that being soft does not make you weak it makes you wise; • Maximize your soft power to attract and develop personal and professional relationships; • Give yourself permission to succeed and win like a woman and not like a man; • Become a ‘Man Whisperer’ and learn the art of speaking to a man’s heart.

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