Starting Over and Loving It by Dr. LaKita D. Long

LaKita Long Starting Over and Loving It
By LaKita D. Long

 Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read list (June 2016)

Starting Over & Loving It gives you a peak at what to do when the bottom of your WELL PLANNED Life falls out. It is a true story of my determination to live beyond the frustration of my choices and use the tools in my hands to enjoy life again. It is inspiring yet a very raw and straight forward account about how not to grumble your way through the process and redeem the time you’ve lost. You can get the momentum back to start again.

CW: What motivated you to write this book?
My motivation to write this book because I found Liberty in my soul when I decided to start over and love the process. I also wanted to share with other women the power of what happens when you change your mind.

CW: Who are you speaking to with this book?
I am speaking to every person who has ever had their life fall apart and not know what to do next.

CW: What do you want readers to take from this book?
The courage to live, love, and have joy beyond their trials and trauma.

CW: Where is your book available?
LL: and

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