The beautiful evolving you

THE BEAUTIFUL EVOLVING YOU:  365 DAYS OF BLISS by Brahmashakti Fudail   

Courageous Woman Magazine Top 10 Best Books To Read (July 2016)

Just like our bodies need a nutritional diet, our minds need a healthy diet to help meet the challenges that life presents to us.   By starting the day with sincere prayers and in quiet contemplation or meditation, I just know my book, The Beautiful Evolving You: 365 Days of Bliss will help you build a stronger foundation based on harmony, love, joy and strength.  By reading a spiritual “gem” daily, it will inspire you to begin each day and end your day in love, appreciation and being of service to others and so much more.  I pray that my book will help you to unleash your inner bliss and gives you the freedom to help others to find their inner bliss.  My book is not the end all, but it will inspire and motivate you to continue to evolve into your beautiful you.  May you find your happy path.  Blessings…


1173CW: What compelled you to write this book and is it your first book? 
BF: This is my very first published book, The Beautiful Evolving You: 365 Days of Bliss.  I was compelled to write my book because I was guided by Spirit to write encouraging word thoughts, or as I like to call them ‘spiritual gems’ for children and young adults. I knew that these gems could help to encourage one to stay true to their path of finding their purpose in life; build up self-esteem and to love oneself. A lot of the “gems” can be read as affirmations. I belong to the Saturday Morning Literary Workshop in Los Angeles. We meet monthly and I would read “gems” to the writers group Their response:  “Girl, this is not just for young people.  This is for us older folks too.”  I was motivated to keep writing!

CW:Who are you speaking to in this book and what do you hope readers will get out of it? 
 BF: I am speaking to everyone of all ages. Parents can read most of the ‘gems’ to their children, ages 5 years old children and up.  I want my book to be an inspiration to everyone who reads it; and know that they are the epitome of love, peace and joy.  This is our birthright.  I want everyone to know the absolute joy of meditation.  To be able to sit still and feel genuine peace and your soul connection to God.  And how prayers, genuine, heartfelt prayers really work!  I, along with thousands of others, can testify to the power of prayer!

CW: Is there a favorite line, quote or  brief excerpt you’d like to share from this book?
BF: Since my book has an inspirational “gem” a day.  I have many, many favorite ones, but I do love this particular gem a lot:

March 26

I believe in Magic.

God is Magic.


Sublime Magic.

God takes all the guess work

Out of the problem and

Reveals the solution.

I will walk the path with my

Magician at all times.

CW: What are your future writing plans?
BF: I just recently completed a “little book” still untitled, that I wrote in detail about how I came about writing my book,The Beautiful Evolving You: 365 Days of Bliss. It will be released on Amazon and Kindle as a free book in about 30-45 days. I am very excited about that release.  In the meantime, I am re-writing a children’s story about bullying.  The writing group I belong to will be publishing an anthology of stories before the end of the year.  My children’s story will be included. I also have 2 more children stories that are within me, just waiting to come alive and be written.   And of course, I am still “given” inspirational “gems” when they come to me, and I write them down.  Could it be another “gem” book in the future?  Absolutely!

CW:  What is your definition of a courageous woman?
BF: A woman who is not afraid to be herself.  She is able to stand up for what she believes in and not fear any retaliations about her beliefs.  If the courageous woman finds out that she is at fault, she will apologize and humbly ask to be forgiven.  The courageous woman will persevere on her path regardless of what others may think; because she knows her path is about giving, not taking.  The courageous woman is full of love; peace, joy and happiness and loves to serve others.  She is free because she knows and understands herself!  I know all this because I am a courageous woman.  And I salute all courageous sisters!

CW: How can readers can connect with you? you Fudail




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6 Thoughts to “THE BEAUTIFUL EVOLVING YOU: 365 DAYS OF BLISS By Brahmashakti Fudail”

  1. Pat La

    Bramhashakti is the most fabulous writer I have ever known! She gets to the heart of her as well as others’ feelings. I can’t wait for her next several books she has in the works. Hugs and happiness to all. Pat

  2. Great book. Love and best of luck Lorine

  3. The Beautiful Evolving You: 365 Days of Bliss. is a wonderful book to have at your fingertips. I have it on my phone and when I read it I feel a release of stress right away. The author has a wonderful way of touching your soul.

  4. I’m especially proud to piraise BEAUTIFUL EVOLVING YOU AND GOD’S POWER TO HEAL
    for ebing selected to be featured in his issue of CW MAGAZINE. I’m so fortunate to be
    a part of these two powerful author’s gift to society–benefiting people by the written work.
    Martha Tucker

  5. Chandri

    This book is quite magical! It has become part of my meditation ritual and 99.9% of the time, each affirmation is ON POINT! I love this powerful and inspirational book that is assisting me into becoming my beautiful evolving me!

  6. Purusha Hickson

    I love the fact that Brahmashakti Fudial had the INSIGHT to recognize her vision, and the COURAGE to pursue it.

    Her book is INSPIRING, and i trust that many people will read it and be blessed by it!


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