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Anita Gibson

Chapter: The Worst Day of My Life

Is this your first book/collaboration book?
Yes, this is my first collaboration and it was an amazing experience. Precious Brown kept the process so simple and professional. She helped us all stay on track.

What motivated you to write on this subject for your chapter?
I wanted to shed light on the effects of stress on our bodies and how it can negatively impact our lives when we allow fear to immobilize us. I wanted people to know that they don’t have to wait until something major happens before they do what they know they have been called to.

What are your writing plans for the future?
I am working on my next book. It in I will share various failures in my life as a mom. I want to show how the failures, though painful, taught me some very important lessons.

What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?
A courageous woman is one who accepts the life she has been given and lives it out with strength, faith & joy.

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How can people connect with you?
Anita Gibson Edu on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn[dropcap]…[/dropcap]

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