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Transition: Create The Life You Desire

Co-Author Jenine Johnson

Chapter: Thinking Outside The Box

Is this your first book/collaboration book?
No. My first book was a young adult novel. It was a lot harder to produce than collaboration. It took my three years to write it, and it was a little over 90,000 words.

What motivated you to write on this subject for your chapter?
I wanted to encourage readers to believe anything is possible. My partner and I started a trucking company while we were in our earlier twenties. We were recent high school graduates with little to no college experience, and we just figured it out! We did a lot of research at the local library because we didn’t have access to a home computer at that time. We had very little start up capital. No one in our families knew anything about starting a business, but we didn’t let any of this stop us.  People have a lot of excuses as to why they can’t start a business, and I was hoping my story would help to change their mindset.

Is there a message you want to convey and what do you want people to get from reading your book?
Yes. Anything is possible! If two African-Americans, living in the ghetto, in their earlier twenties, with no home computer, and little to no start up capital, can start a business that not only took them from their neighborhood but allowed them to move to an estate on 3.93 acres of land, anybody can achieve their dreams.

What are your writing plans for the future?
I’m currently writing my dissertation for a Ph.D. in Counseling.

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