Transition: Create the Life You Desire 16 Contributing Authors

Precious BrownBest-selling author Precious S. Brown presents her first collaborative book, Transition: Create the Life You Desire. Precious S.  Brown has put together a powerful group of mostly first-time authors whose careers range from natural hair enthusiasts to a stay at home single mom.

final-front-coverTransition is a collaboration of sixteen women who chose to embark on their journey of career evolution. Leaping into the unfamiliar territory of entrepreneurship each woman shares her most intimate details of working against the odds while remaining determined to follow her dream. Because these ladies decided to following their dreams, they’ve created the life they desire. After reading their stories and identifying with their innate desire to take the leap, I propose the question: Are you ready to make the transition?

“This may be the most down-to-earth collaborative book on the shelves now,” Brown says. “We made a whole-hearted effort to share some of the most intimate details of our lives with the world. The authenticity of Transition is un-canning and needed now. Every story has underlined similarities while simultaneously being unique. The reader is sure to relate to the foundational messages conveyed because they are told from an individuals’ vantage point.” Brown says, “the one requirement for each author was to provide the reader with tips on how they could make the decision to Transition and Create the Life They Desire.”

In Precious’ chapter titled Still in Transition she gives the detailed account of the day she decided she was going to follow her dreams instead of building someone else’s. She went into immediate and intentional action. This book is her fourth publication but her first collaboration.

Transition: Create the Life You Desire

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Precious BrownPrecious S. Brown
Still in Transition

Please tell us about you and your writing experience?
I began writing as a young girl but never believed I would publish a book. I became a published author in 2013 with my interactive workbook trilogy titled The Process of Change. March 2016  I set out to compile my first collaboration book with 15 other co-authors titled Transition: Create the Life You Desire which has become an Amazon bestseller.  READ MORE


Rasheena Perry
The Power of My Yes!

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
My writing experience throughout this journey has indeed been a transition; from  agreeing to be a part of the project, to sitting down to do the work. During the process it became clear to me that I was at a crossroads in my personal life and in my entrepreneur journey. Not long after saying, “yes,” God clearly revealed to me, that the book was not just a project, but an opportunity to make this phase of my transition complete. READ MORE

ladonna-tracyLaDonna Bracy
Forced to Transition

Tell us about you and your writing experience.
I’m LaDonna Bracy, the Chief Empowerment Officer of Lake Park Consulting and President of Reinvent YoUniversity.  I help full-time employees manifest their part-time dreams.  I do this by creating experiences that provide support, resources, information, and inspiration.

I’m a connector.  I love to connect people to resources and information that are pertinent to their dreams and ultimately their purpose. READ MORE

Kelly Joyner
Take this Job and SHOVE IT!

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
I am a coach which means I help others, so writing to help others was a joy! It made me focus on why I did this entrepreneurial thing in the first place. READ MORE


Renee Bolton
Transition, Truth & Transparency

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
I’m the founder of Scarlet Beauty Media. I coach, mentor, inspire, motivate and empower women to look good and feel great from the inside out.

I started writing poetry in the 8th grade. It started as a hobby and I turned it into a career. I’ve written articles and blog post for several online magazines and blogs. You can read some of my work on Six Brown Chicks, Rachel O Beauty, Refinery 29, She Finds, Guru Life and Scene Chicago. I’ve also written 2 books and co-authored 2 books. READ MORE

jenine-johnsonJenine Johnson
Thinking Outside the Box

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
My first book was published in 2004. Things were different back then. E-books were popular, and most people purchased a hard copy of their favorite novel. I remember literally selling books out of the trunk of my car. It was an awesome experience, and I have a lot of great memories.  READ MORE


Michelle Mattison
Engineering My Life

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
Transition: Create the Life You Desire is my inaugural book project and certainly will not be my last.

valencia-griffin-wallaceValencia Griffin-Wallace
My Second Times Were Charms

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
I am a lifestyle designer and BOLD coach.  I teach women how to define themselves, design the life they want to live and their goals, execute a strategic plan to achieve them.  This is my third book. I wrote 31 Days to Building Your BOLD factor which is geared towards defining you in 31 days and how to build from that.  Life Required is a collection of my blog post on relationships (friends, family, etc).  I also am a contributing writer for SwagHer magazine. READ MORE


Patrice Godfrey
Growth Is A Painful Process

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
My name is Patrice, married to high school sweetheart of 16 years, mom of 2 boys, work full time while building my business Life Shift Institute where I help mothers detox the toxic thinking and shift to a mental mindset of self-worth so they can create more, attract more and transition to the life they desire without sacrificing self care and time with family. I’ve always been a storyteller, now I get to share my stories with the world. I love it and can’t wait to share more. READ MORE

anita-gibsonAnita Gibson
The Worst Day of My Life

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
Writing my chapter was an invigorating experience. The writing occurred during my transition from full-time work to part-time work and full-time entrepreneurship. I never thought I would be a writer, but I enjoyed the progress. READ MORE

tyrell-ramsayTyrell Ramsay
Just Get Started

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
I am a child advocate, speaker, certified trainer, life coach specialist and the CEO of TR Created with Purpose LLC.   TR Created with Purpose LLC, is a personal development and empowerment agency for women, children and families. I have over 10 years of experience in individual and group counseling. As well as advocating for children and families. I am known to her clients as “The Empowerment Catalyst” who facilitates the empowerment process with strategies that restore self-worth and maximize internal strengths.  READ MORE

precious-rutlin-headshotPrecious Rutlin
A Committed Entrepreneur
on a Journey to Freedom

Tell us about you and your writing experience?
My name is Precious Rutlin and I am the Founder of H3 Hair Health Happiness and Perfected for Purpose Ministries. I am a Non-Surgical Hair Loss Specialist, Cosmetologist, and Beauty Educator. I am passionate about helping women transform themselves from the inside out so they can be bolder and more confident. I speak at businesses, churches, and health conferences as well as retreats and expos. My speaking topics include self-care, mindset shifts, work life & maintaining your energy.  I also volunteer for the Look Good Feel Better program offered through the American Cancer Society.

Prior to 2016, I never wrote and published any books. I never envisioned myself being a writer, yet alone a Besting Selling Author. READ MORE

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