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Transition: Create The Life You Desire

LaDonna Bracy

Chapter: Forced To Transition

Is this your first book/collaboration book?
The Strategic Vision Planner is the first book I published. Transition: Create the Life You Desire is my first time being involved in a book collaboration.

What motivated you to write on this subject for your chapter?
I wanted people to know that you can make a comeback.  Oftentimes, the hard things in life cause us to be resourceful, take chances, and see what we’re made of.

Is there a message you want to convey and what do you want people to get from reading your book?
The message is that we all experience transitions in life.  This book happens to illuminate how we all made a transition to entrepreneurship.  People think it’s hard to start a business…and it is.  But it can be done.  There are 16 women who show you how and why they did it. Anyone who desires to make that transition can totally do it

What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?
A Courageous Woman is one who gets up every day and makes a decision to make her life happen even if she is afraid.  She might stumble, she might pause, she might need help, and she might even fall…but she never quits.

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How can people connect with you?

Twitter: @BracyLaDonna

You Tube: Lake Park Consulting



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