Transition:Create The Life You Desire Rasheena Perry



Transition: Create The Life You Desire

Rasheena Perry

Chapter: The Power of My Yes

Is this your first book/collaboration book?
 Yes, this is my very first book collaboration. I’ve been blessed to be a contributor in other projects, but never had the chance to be a part of a collaboration. It’s truly been a blessing to my life. I’ve been upgraded; being an author is no longer a dream, it is now my reality. Today, I am an author, “An Amazon Best Selling Author,” and for that I am extremely grateful. However, the blessing doesn’t end there, because of my yes, I became a part of an amazing sisterhood and together we are witnessing powerful transformations in each one of our lives.

What motivated you to write on this subject for your chapter?
 My motivation stemmed from the fact that I was given the opportunity (you have to know my story to understand that) and from my love and passion to impact lives all across the world.

Is there a message you want to convey and what do you want people to get from reading your book?
 The message I wish to convey is simple, if they have a dream; something that they’re passionate about and it consumes every fiber of their being…I challenge them to stop making excuses, get up off their behind and go after it! Excuses were designed to give us a false sense of relief when we intentionally run from or fail to do the things we’ve been predestined to do. That passion, that fire that fuels their every thought and desire; the thing that lingers in the forefront of their minds no matter how externally successful they are defines their divine purpose! It represents who and what they’ve been created to do. I want them to understand that success may seemingly overtake them in all the wonderful things they presently do, but until they fulfill their purpose they will never come to know what true success can bring.

~ I want readers to read my chapter and walk away with the following nuggets: Age is a number, not a limitation; forgive yourself for jumping all around your personal timeline and embrace the fact that as long as you’re still here, you have a purpose to fulfill. Get over how old you are and what you have not accomplished; if you want it bad enough you won’t let the number stop you.

~ Stop comparing yourself and start accepting yourself! You were purposely designed to walk your own unique path. Perhaps, the light along the way was dimmer than others you know, so from the outside looking in, it appears that their journey was speed bump free. Nevertheless, comparisons can’t fairly be made because that’s their journey, not yours.

~What you went through is behind you and if not, you need to put it there. If you haven’t learned by now, the experience didn’t happen to you, it happened for you! The very thing that you despise and have wasted time trying to forget, is probably the experience, the story, the motivation and inspiration that someone out there needs to be set free. I want them to think on that for a moment, then ask themselves how does that make them feel; knowing that you’ve been harboring the very thing that can be the cure to someone else’s disease.

~ The time is now; they’ve existed, been stuck in their circumstances and situations for far too long. They have the opportunity today, to transition from existing to right now living or to remain stagnant. Which one will are they going to choose?

What are your writing plans for the future?
As for my future as an author, at present I am completing my manuscript for my very own solo project due to release in 2017. I’m sure you want to know the title and some details about it, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t keep you on the edge of your seat. I will say this, when your life is destined for greatness; come what will, come what may, you will realize that you are unbreakable at the end of the day!

What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?
 My definition of a courageous woman is me! I’m fearful yet fearless; unapologetic about my flaws and unashamed of my mistakes. Selfless with my vulnerabilities and transparent about my journey. I stand in my truth, filling the gap for those who are still finding their strength. I’m confident in my ability and unwavered in my affliction because I understand that somewhere out there, is a woman, or maybe even a man who needs to know…that if I can make it, they can too! A courageous woman: one who bends and sometimes even falls; one who never breaks because fear ignites her passion and her passion becomes her strength. A courageous woman you will see, when you stand in front of me.

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