What The Devil Meant For Bad God Used for My Good by Nikki Alexander

Nikki AlexanderWhat the Devil Meant For Bad…God Used For My Good by Nikki Alexander

Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read ( July 2016)

What the Devil Meant For Bad…God Used For My Good is a riveting autobiography of my struggle to heal from molestation at age 5, rape at 20, my exposure to pornography that began at age 9 and then a ten year marriage of domestic violence, infidelity, deep depression and thoughts of suicide. In those 10 years I was married to a Minister and his dad was our Pastor and he too was domestically violent toward his wife. This book reveals what most ministries sweep under the rug and refuse to address as it relates to molestation, rape, domestic violence especially within the church and the millions of women being addicted to pornography not only men. It ends with the beginning of the beautiful relationship I have with my current husband and how God healed me from all of that hurt and pain without resentment.

CW: What compelled you to write this book and is it your first book?
God led me to write my book. He would wake me up in the middle of the night and by morning I couldn’t remember what He said so I started keeping scratch paper beside my bed. That stack of notes turned into the start of my book. I also used some of my childhood journals. My main incentive to live was finishing this book. If I had not finished I would have been giving up all hope of the promises to be fulfilled unto me, thus robbing myself. When God calls you to complete a task you can’t focus on the impossibility of your circumstances, but instead on His greatness. God didn’t lead me to write every personal detail of my life for exploitation nor to bring shame to the people I also wrote about. But so that others like myself could also be healed.

Nikki AlexanderCW: Who are you speaking to in this book and what do you hope readers will get out of it?
I’m speaking to anyone who has ever experienced the pain of rejection, molestation or verbal and physical abuse.

CW: This is a Christian Fiction book. Do you plan to continue writing books in this genre?
Yes and I plan to keep drawing from the source of my gift. Speaking the truth and setting others free to begin their healing.

CW: What are your future writing plans?
I recently started on my second book, I’m currently exploring opportunities as a motivational speaker and advocate for those without a voice to speak up for themselves.

CW:  What is your definition of a courageous woman?
A courageous woman is someone who lives with the freedom of standing in her own truth unafraid of the backlash of naysayers because by speaking the truth her shame is already undone. It eliminates space for the enemy to hide in the shadows of darkness anymore because when you pour out your heart you have been released from all condemnation and judgment. I have endured unspeakable, deplorable violence in my life and I can stand today with a smile on my face and encourage women to push forward because hope is not lost and living a peaceful is still a possibility.
I’ve actually been blessed to not harbor any of the hurt from my past nor allow it to infect my future. God led me to write What The Devil Meant For Bad…God Used For My Good for His edification, to show the world that if He can save and deliver someone as twisted up as I was, He can save anyone. I’m humbled by His wanting my truth to be read by millions, in an effort to bless lives all over the globe.

CW: How can readers connect with you?
Facebook: Nikki Alexander 
IG @nikkialexfans
Twitter: nikkialex98

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