Why Married Men Cheat by Danielle Metcalf “Ms. Hitch”

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Book Why Married Men Cheat
by Danielle Metcalf  “Ms. Hitch”

 Courageous Woman Magazine’s Top 10 Best Books To Read list
(June 2016)


Why Married Men Cheat
Why Married Men Cheat is not a man (or Women) bashing book. It is designed to bring us into an awareness that will place us in the perfect position to grow. According to the Associated Press of Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, a study found that 74% of married men said they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught…the average length of an affair is two years.
After going through a twelve-year marriage myself, finding out that my husband cheated, healing from brokenness, becoming a Psychologist, and extensively researching why men cheat, I was compelled to bring light to an issue that leaves far too many scars from the man who on his wife and often the other women and her child(ren).
Why Married Men Cheat is not from a scorned woman or a cheating man, but by a professional who has conducted adequate research and, through painstaking details, gathered real stories from real men, in a real relationship.

edit_MG_2823CW: What motivated you to write this book?

DM: What motivated me to write this book is the fact that I am currently a Clinical Psychologist, a Matchmaker, and a Mental Toughness Coach/ Speaker. I have the first story in the book about being married to a cheater as well as a sex addict. I was able to get through this by turning my hurt and anger into passion and drive to create the product of the book Why Married Men Cheat. I studied my ex-husband for years; head on to get the honest and precise information from him so that other couples an families can live vicariously through my story and all of the other stories in the book. To learn why married men do what they do. My situation has taught me to get better, and not bitter, because of this I am very passionate and was very intrigued by the human behavior and the cause of why men did what they did. I wrote the book because I think it was extremely important to get the honest information to the world, as to why married men say that they cheat. I think the world, as well as women, assume why peoples actions are the way that they are. However, I think it was very important to actually sit down and interview men that were married in a non-judgmental environment to get the real reason of their thoughts, actions, and behaviors coming from their perspective as to why they cheated. I was extremely surprised at the fact that there had been no clinical, psychological, or mental study was done on this topic. When I found this information out I quickly jumped on the opportunity and furthered my knowledge of the human behavioral way of thinking. Furthermore, as I was getting in touch with my spirituality, as well as tapping further into the behavioral science of my ex-husband’s way of thinking. What I’ve learned through my studies is that you have the learn your spouses’ way of thinking, and you must learn to communicate thorough and efficient. You must learn to communicate about their past to get a better understanding of who they are in this present moment, and not just prematurely and emotionally jump so quick and invest 100% of our feelings in someone and a situation that you know little to nothing about. After all of my intense studies and research I have come up with the answer to the million dollar question; Why Married Men Cheat.

CW: Who are you speaking to with this book?

DM: With this book, I am speaking to the masses. This situation is hot and I want to let the everyone know because the world is trending abundantly with all of the cheating spouses, side-chicks, and partners in the world today.

CW: What do you want readers to take from this book?

DM: I would like my readers to know that it is important to ask the million dollar questions that are in the book before you decide to jump in and invest 100% of your feelings, time, and emotions in a relationship with someone you don’t even know. We need to stop forcing temporary people into a permanent position because it is extremely unfair to put unlimited expectations on a person who can’t deliver.

CW: Where is your book available?


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