Contests & Giveaways: Breathe Deeper Meditation CD

Contests & Giveaway: Breathe Deeper Meditation CD

Telishia Berry

When we experience stress our bodies react to it. Prolonged stress can cause physical damage or disease of the body, including high blood pressure, raise cholesterol levels, anxiety, insomnia, and even acid reflux.

Practicing meditation can help reverse the effects of stress by slowing your breathing and your heart rate. It can help to normalizing your blood pressure, clear your mind, and improve your immune system.

To help me with my own stress, buying a meditation CD was on my list of things to do, but hadn’t got around to doing it. Krystal Walden, owner of Krystal Spa located in downtown Los Angeles sent me her CD, Breathe Deeper, a guided meditation CD. After a long, exhausting day I popped in the Breathe Deeper CD, closed my eyes and followed the voice of instruction. I must say being instructed to inhale, exhale, and visualize myself in certain places and situations were quite helpful in helping me to distress.

Proper breathing can make you feel better. It can help you achieve a healthier well-being and a balance of vitality. If you’re in need of a distress method, take a moment to breather deeper with this guided meditation CD. It’s available online at


Kyrstal Spa is giving one lucky winner a free CD to have this wonderful experience. All you have to do is “LIKE” Courageous Woman Magazine on Facebook, join the Courageous Woman Email list, and make 1 comment below about your experience with meditation, or how you would like to experience meditation. Make a second comment telling us that you Like us on Facebook! The contest is open until December 18. One lucky winner will be announced on our site and our Facebook page.

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  1. Pamela Bradford

    My doctor recommended a breathing meditation regimen to help me lower my high blood pressure. I believe this Breathe Deeper CD will help me to achieve this goal, so I can live a healthier life.

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