Kala Wilburn Owner of Fannie Lucille’s

Who will win Courageous Woman of the Month and be on the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine?

Kala Wilburn

Website : www.fannielucille.com
Business name : Fannie Lucille
Business title : Owner/Designer
What makes you/your business extraordinary? Fannie Lucille is a custom apparel and handbag company. We customize your brand appearance and allow you to speak everywhere you go without saying a word through the art of fashion!


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10 Thoughts to “Kala Wilburn Owner of Fannie Lucille’s”

  1. Shay

    Kala is determined, creative, and passionate. Her authenticity is refreshing.

  2. Hello Kala Wilburn
    I would like to cast a vote for you as a Courageous Woman!! I thank you for having the passion of helping and inspiring woman!! And for that you are Courageous!

  3. Kala isn’t just ambitious. she’s a woman who will make it happen! If she has an idea, we see it come to life! If she can include someone else in her process she enthusiastically and selflessly does. She is a the epitome of an empowered woman who empowers women! <3

  4. Nadia

    Kala Wilburn is an extra-ordinary person who strives for the vision God put on the inside of her, and to top it off she is an amazing mom!

  5. LaQuette Jalise

    Kala Wilburn is unstoppable, focused, and a fearless momprenuer, wife, mother, and a community leader.

  6. kwill

    Thank You all for the beautiful encouraging words!!! God is so awesome!!! I just want to Give God all the Glory!!!!

  7. Ebony Gardner

    Kala is the most daring woman I know. When she sets out to do something, there is absolutely nothing or no one who can stop her from attaining the desires of her heart. Kala’s spirit and bubbly personality both shine through in everything she does; from her beautiful designs to her speaking into the lives of others. I’m blessed to be able to watch as Kala so humbly receives all that is meant for her!

  8. Kala Wlburn is the epitome of showing women how to follow God’s plan gracefully!!!!! She has inspired countless women in her community to chase their dreams!!

  9. Kala Wilburn is a beautiful go getter in the fashion industry. You leave her presence with a sense of style and determination that you deserve to look your best.

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