Marlena Curtis Owner of Curtis Accounting and Tax Services LLC

Who will win Courageous Woman of the Month and be on the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine?

Marlena Curtis

Business name: Curtis Accounting and Tax Services, LLC
Title: Owner
What makes your business extraordinary? We’re a well-established accounting firm with a reputation for innovative and lasting results. Our advisors are experts in the fields of tax preparation, accounting/auditing, and business consulting. What separates us from the rest is our experience and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing tax laws, accounting, and business landscape.

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65 Thoughts to “Marlena Curtis Owner of Curtis Accounting and Tax Services LLC”

  1. Inca Cochran

    I vote for Marlena Curtis!! There are so many wonderful qualities about Marlena as a business woman I admire her work ethic. Marlena is my go to person for financial and business advice she never steered me wrong. If I could vote a 1000 times it will be for Marlena. The hardest working woman I know!

  2. Damiera

    Marlena is a hard working self established women and mother who is dedicated to her job and boys. Marlena works well with her clients, giving her all and doing her best to make sure they have the best customer service experience possible.

  3. Tammie D.

    I vote for Marlena Curtis as a Courageous Woman. Because that’s just what she is. She always there to lending a helping hand a kind word good advice.She been climbing the success ladder since i have known her.She is the perfect example for all Black Woman that there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

  4. Huey H.

    I Vote for Marlena Curtis

  5. Tammie D.

    I vote for Marlena Curtis as a Courageous Woman
    Becasuse that’s just what she is. She always there lending a helping hand a kind word good advice. She been climbing the success ladder since i have known her and everything she touch turn to gold. She is the perfect example for all Black Woman that there is nothing you accomplish. You go girl love ya

  6. dwayne

    I vote for Marlena Curtis

  7. George Curtis

    Knowing Marlena all of her life and watching her grow up to become a successful black female entrepreneur really did not surprise me. At an early age she started developing a social network that has blossomed for her over the past few years. Everybody knows Marlena and respects the things she does for her boys like keeping them involved in sports while maintaining high expectations for their academics. She is very active with her High School class reunions and is largely responsible for their highly successful annual basketball games which has the gym at full capacity. She is very innovative and does not fear a challenge. She has a caring personality which makes it easy for people to trust her. She definitely a Courageous Woman.

  8. Raquel

    I vote for marlena curtis….

  9. Sherry

    I vote for Marlena Curtis

  10. LaKesh Jiles

    I know tht Marlena Curtis should win this because she is a great person. Not only tht she always apart of the youths and different school programs and fun raising! Giving back and making She involved with the kids by making a difference in there life’s. Educating them on things tht will help them in life. I feel tht she a great person for this. So pleas let’s consider Marlena Curtis!! Thanks in advance!!

  11. Angelina

    I vote for Marlena because she’s a woman of substance and integrity. Marlena is a trustworthy business woman, one who values building relationships with the people she comes in contact with. She’s full of wisdom and confidence and she’s most capable of completing the task. She’s a great example not just for her children and family, but also to those around her.

  12. Ayisha Mustafah

    My name is Ayisha Mustafah. I’m honored to cast my vote for Marlena Curtis a young woman who’s the epitome of demonstrating courage. She worked as a tax pre-parer until she’d gather the experience necessary for her to step out on her own. This young lady has a upstanding ethical code of conduct with protecting the interest of her clients. In order for one to succeed in life courage is a significant aspect he or she must have. Ms Curtis, had her clients in mind when she set up her business foundation, with a peaceful plush and entertaining office with nutritious drinks and snacks while they wait. Therefore, I’m most honored to cast my vote for Ms. Marlena Curtis a person that walks what she talks. And she’s the epidome of what being courageous is all about…

  13. Mary Cassel

    Marlena is an Amazing Role Model.She’s hard working, inspiring, dedicated and very knowledgeable.She’s always there to help who ever when ever.And this is why I vote Marlena as the Courageous Woman of the month for your magazine.

  14. Kobe B

    Powerful, Inspirational, Resilience, Courageous are just a few words that make-up Marlena Curtis intellectual savviness. Marlena’s journey to success was not easy. Overcoming many obstetrical, Marlena stood tall in the pocket and welcomed any challenge that would sharpen her craft and become a blessing to others. Marlena has inspired hundreds of Flint Natives to do the right thing, by hosting charity basketball community events while mentoring the youth to seek a higher educational thirst. Marlena is a very successful entrepreneur and looks to expand her talents within the next five years where she will teach others to dream big and reach for the stars. Overall, whether Marlena is accepted into the Courageous Woman Magazine; she will always be OUR Courageous Woman. Thank You, Marlena!!!

  15. Sylvia Curtis

    Marlena is very professional person she always strives to do her best at achieving her goals in life.

  16. Lamont Green-Torbert Sr

    Amazing Business Woman, with an Amazing Heart!! Strong will and drive!!

  17. Shahidah

    Marlena is an amazing woman and friend who’s absolutely amazing at what she does! She’s very professional and very busy savvy. You will not be disappointed with any of her services she has to offer. Always since childhood she has been very ambitious and head strong on her goals. Glad to see she has achieved so much during the years, becoming such a positive and great impact for the city of Flint.

  18. Tamika Hicks

    Courageous woman…Marlena Curtis is just that. A single Mom of 3 young men working in corporate America paying her “dues” decides she no longer wants to participate in the rat race of being employed but to become the employer.
    No more puppet strings, but freedom to do and be what her heart longs for. She’s not just a tax person, she’s the example.

  19. Keith isom

    She’s a go getter very courageous woman ,very loving and deserves the best .

  20. T Blanks

    Marlena Curtis is a great example and role model. Many of our young girls are trying to learn who they are and what role or contribution they will one day offer our community. Marlena exemplifies this in her contribution to the community in which she live and serve her customers.

  21. Sylvia Curtis

    Marlena Curtis income tax service is awesome you would not be disappointed

  22. Scooter

    Marlena goes above and beyond and it shows from her hard work and dedication, I’ve watched her plant a dream and grow a reality. Not only is she a remarkable businesswoman, but a remarkable woman!

  23. Tasheka Tiggs

    Marlene is a very courageous women, she is great at what she do. Not many people have the courage to step out to start a business on there own and be great at it. She has great friends and family that support her because she makes it easy too. She is very smart and intelligent as well as professional.

  24. Scooter

    Marlena goes above and beyond and it shows from her hard work and dedication, I watched her plan a dream and grow reality. Not only a remarkable business woman what a remarkable woman

  25. Shay S

    Marlena exemplifies what a Courageous Woman defines as, she has stepped out on faith to start her own business and has soared beyond measures in a short time. This shows how hard she works and how much time she invest in herself and business to make sure she continues to surpass mediocrity. She is involved in the city of Flint and host an annual event every year to bring the community together for a great cause. Marlena is very deserving of such a prestigious award. She is my Courageous Woman!!!

  26. bry_walker24

    Marlena is a great role model. She is definitely a super mom. Very professional and is great at what she does.

  27. Marlena is home grown in our community while at the same time impacting the same community. She’s a great representation of what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.

  28. K.

    Very professional woman.

  29. K.

    Very professional woman!

  30. Cicily M

    Marlena is exceptional when it comes to professionalism and tax preparation services. She is the person you need when your credit is in desperate need of repair. For these and any other accounting Marlena is hands down the best pick. Speaking from personal experience I would not trust anyone else with my financial needs and concerns!

  31. Crystal Beck

    Marlena is the epitome of a courageous woman! She is ambitious, intelligent, outspoken, and a phenomenal business woman. She’s an amazing mother setting an example of strength and integrity to her sons. She is always on top of ever changing tax laws and provide excellent service!

  32. Roneeka Brown

    Marlena is the epitome of phenomenal. She is an outstanding professional. Always going above and beyond to make sure her customers get the best. Her heart is genuine and pure. She contributes to so many people and things in the community and never looks for any recognition. I’m very honored to know her.

  33. Jason Relerford

    What is there not to say about this phenomenal woman that hasn’t been said already. Marlena is a very professional woman and her diligence to work detail says all. I nominate Marlena for any accolades awarded to her that she deserves.

    Jason L Relerford
    Speak 2 Me LLC

  34. She’s amazing and professional at what she does and great for the community…

  35. Omar

    Marlena Curtis Accounting is such an amazing accounting firm. She has helped me in so many ways!!! I wish her the best. It’s hard to find good people you can count on..

  36. Shameca Burr

    Marlena is such a beautiful person inside and out. She demonstrates such compassion for the things she’s doing in the community. She is also honest and professional with her tax business.

  37. Michael Henry

    Wow God is good. I’m so proud of you and the things you are doing in the flint community. Continue to show hard work and help our people. We thank you for all you do. God bless

  38. Such a pleasure working with Marlena, she is amazing, wonderful, and humble.. Highly recommend!

  39. Demetrionna Curtis

    I want to say thank you auntie for all that u have done for me and the rest of the family, Your tax sevice has served our family very well.. we are all proud of what u have done for yourself and others.. MARLENA CURTIS IS THE MOST COURAGEOUS WOMAN OF THE YEAR!!!

  40. E

    She is hard working, inspiring, dedicated, and just a first class courageous woman

  41. Sylvia Curtis

    Marlena Curtis is very head strong and very well equipped with the knowledge it takes to be successful in her business, she takes in everything she does. Without any doubt she is couregous woman of the month

  42. Darlene

    I have met Marlena and heard nothing but kudos for her professionalism and service. Running a business makes/takes a COURAGEOUS WOMAN! Marlena is THAT!

  43. Jaquetta

    Marlena Curtis uphold the utmost professional Accounting and Tax services. She is dedicated to her clients and willing to educate all clients on new tax laws! I highly recommend her quality services!

  44. Joice Cotton

    Marlena Curtis is like a daughter. She is a courageous woman. Marlena is hardworking and willing to help anyone. She has a giving spirit. God gave her a vision and she stepped out on faith. She has always educated herself and continues to attend conferences to seek knowledge. I vote Marlena Curtis as Courageous Woman of the month

  45. Derik Johnson

    I vote for Marlena Curtis because of her nonstop efforts to help each and every client to the best of her abilities just an all around amazing person

  46. Marlena is a positive courageous intellectual individual. Gives back to her community. Marlena smile is contagious. Marlena is very supportive. Marlena motivates others by her just doing whats right movong silently her actions speak louder than words.

  47. Woman of the month She’s my woman of the year.

  48. Antwon Curtis

    She is courageous woman with her dedication to never settle and looking for new ways to give back to her customers and do her best to give back to the community. She never let anything get under her skin and if something does. You wouldn’t notice because is a phenomenal woman remaining professional at all times!

  49. Demetrius Curtis

    One of the best in her business!! Hands down the most courageous woman I know!!

  50. Rodrick Larry

    What can I say! Marlena is awesome as a professional and a friend. She goes above and beyond of the needs of her clients. I would recommend her services anytime for anyone.

  51. Marlena is a true example of a Courageous Woman. She started as a very young mother that never stopped or gave up on her goals and dreams. She’s a great example for teen moms that feel they can not continue to a successful life. I love you!! Congratulations on this nomination!!

  52. LaJoyce Tabron

    Great woman and mother well know in the community with a successful business and she is a perfect role model for our young

  53. tekeep810

    It’s hard to put in words about someone you have nothing but love for. A strong woman, good mother and a great friend that I’m Blessed to share sisterhood with. Knowing where she started and the progression and success that she has come to is courageous to say the least. I am proud and so happy for her. She is great at what she does and her work shows that in it of itself. I vote Marlena as the Courageous Woman of the month for your magazine

  54. Antwon Curtis

    Marlena is an amazing person and mother, she works so hard to help pleased others for little reward or not. My mother is loving and she is my motivation to never stop and make the best of any opportunity no matter what. She always put people before herself and tries to make a difference in someone when the opportunity approach!

  55. Tekee P

    It’s not easy putting a reply on someone you love. First of all I have nothing but respect and admiration for Marlena. Knowing where she started to where she is now is commendable to say the least. A strong women, super mom, and a good friend that I’m Blessed to share sisiterhood with. She is awesome at what she does and put her mind to. A courageous woman is an understatement.

  56. Walida

    Marlena Curtis is a beautiful professional energetic tax preparer! You are supporting a wonderful small black business owner, you are supporting someone who is about their business and very knowledgeable in her field, you are supporting someone who will keep your business PRIVATE … as any other tax preparer should… someone asked me – well how is she, as far as… you don’t hear about your business in the street-???? Of course NOT- she is ALL business but very personable and approachable. I will NEVER go anywhere else…

  57. San1973

    A true warrior of courage. Marlena represents the true meaning of making a difference in her community through educating and involvement both through her business and community service. Marlena’s professionalism is without waver and she wears the courage crown daily!

  58. Shunta Love

    Marlena Curtis is the cats meow! She is a resident of Flint, she graduated from Flint Northwestern and her business is located in Downtown Flint. That shows her love for her “hometown.” Giving back is extremely important to her. Christmas at her house consists of adopting a family that lives in the shelter. Every year she brings the community together for an old school basketball game which is played at Northwestern. Now let’s talk business! What I absolutely love about her is she knows her job inside out. She stays current by taking continuing education classes. If you have questions she have answers. She’s professional, she’s smart, she’s intelligent, she’s kind, she’s loyal and she’s a WOMAN!!!! She is well rounded servant of her community.

  59. Natasha Love

    Marlena is such an amazing and beautiful person. She is very ambitious, outspoken and always about her business. She is also an awesome mother. Marlena exemplifies what a courageous woman should be!

  60. Jada G.

    Marlena has always been ambitious and business minded. She’s superb and very influential.

  61. Natasha Curtis

    Marlena is a Strong-Willed, Educated woman with a successful professional business. She’s Amazing at what she do!!

  62. Darlisha Vincent

    Marlena is an amazing business woman. She is an amazing mother and wife! It is such an honor to watch as she show Women that you can have it all!

  63. Clifton Ryan IV

    Amazing woman with an amazing business.

  64. Carina Bradford

    Marlena is very professional at what she do!! You will not be disappointed with your services!

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