Sharee Williams Owner of 3 Phases of Becoming a Woman

Who will win Courageous Woman of the Month and be on the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine?

Sharee Williams

Website :
Business name : 3 Phases of Becoming A WOMAN
Business title : Founder
What makes you/your business extraordinary?  3 Phases is not a quick fix,it allows women to to get in touch with her inner being by taking them back to the beginning

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15 Thoughts to “Sharee Williams Owner of 3 Phases of Becoming a Woman”

  1. Kim Moore

    What a powerful, energetic, loving, compassionate and wise woman in such a young package! Sharee Williams sets out to do and DOES it! An awesome encourager. With all of that, she is a listener … not only concerning others, but also for herself. Sharee has no problem taken heed of the advice from others. She is the epitome of not only being a “listener” but a “doer” as well. I am at awe of the many hats she wears; including but not limited to, being a woman of GOD, wife, mother and a woman with a total purpose. Sharee is very intuned with herself which makes her journey in caring for others her genuine persona!

  2. Bos TC Murray

    Sharee Williams is an outstanding business woman, very family oriented, and just an all around nurturing, phenomenal human being.

  3. Esperanza

    Sharee is a strong woman who always encourages other woman to believe in themselves and to stay strong! To always go after their dreams and achieve their goals.
    Most courageous independent woman I know, and has always encouraged me to never give up!

  4. Hello Sharee Williams
    I would like to cast a vote for you as a Courageous Woman!! I thank you for having the passion of helping and inspiring woman!! And for that you are Courageous!

  5. Kenny

    Sharee is a completely selfless woman who continues to reach out and lend a helping hand to her community and colleagues. Very hard working and humble to say the least.

  6. Christopher Wilson

    My mom is awesome. She is very innovative when it comes helping women better themselves and personal growth. Her care and compassion drives her to helping those less fortunate than her. Also her love for the Lord is always on display.

  7. How can someone postively impact you haven’t physically met her. Sheree has. As her lab partner for a certification course, Sheree helped me in 30 minutes acknowledge my pain and fears. She helped me create an action plan to repair my pain so I can serve. Sheree is an extraordinary human being.

  8. Tink (SJ)

    Sharee Williams is one individual that believes in herself, as well as others. Therefore, with someone on your team like her, you cannot lose because the first steps of achieving your goals is believing in yourself. In addition to that, she will never let adversities in life stop her from achieving any goal she wants to accomplish. Further, I have seen her accomplish so much in my lifetime within in different communities, as well as prompting diversity amongst us. Furthermore, she has been a great inspiration to those around her.

  9. Kendra

    Sharee is hard working and a go getter. She will always tell you like it is, and love you through it all. She’ll treat the CEO in the same way she’ll treat the janitor. Astounding woman!

  10. Ann

    Sharee is an awesome woman who is always willing to assist others, especially those who have become invisible in our society.

  11. Zavonnika

    Sharee is an amazingly rare talent she’s a phenomenal women to watch and inspire to be like!!

  12. Sharee Williams is a hard working business woman and continues to be committed to working for perfection. She has the drive, the will and the love for her craft and has a heart to serve humanity. Sharee keeps informed and up to date with the necessary information need to continue to excel in business. A multi-business owner that finds time to attend to each business without short changing any of them and is an incredible instructor. I love her tenacity!

  13. tamaris3

    This is a true woman of integrity, humbleness, honor and respect. I’ve know this queen for less than a year and she’s made me feel like family. A true woman of God in all its meaning.

  14. Tamira king

    An amazing woman that helps a woman remember she too is amazing no matter her journey. Even though my journey isn’t finished she has helped me realize that I been amazing and I have more greatness to achieve.

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