Tasha Biltmore Owner of Damaged Clothes

Who will win Courageous Woman of the Month and be on the cover of Courageous Woman Magazine?


Tasha Biltmore

Website : www.houseofdamaged.com
Business name : DAMAGED CLOTHES
Business title : Owner/ Designer
What makes your business extraordinary?Tasha Biltmore is a rock solid business woman who has transformed her pain into art. A successful playwright, Biltmore received the 2014 Spirit Award through the Motion Picture Multi-Cultural Association for her acclaimed efforts to bring awareness to domestic violence through her stage plays and fashion line.


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11 Thoughts to “Tasha Biltmore Owner of Damaged Clothes”

  1. Simply powerful, purposeful, inspirational and certainly worthy of recognition and appreciation!

  2. Melanie Talbert-Chandler

    A very courageous woman can take her pain and allow God to heal her heart in order to move past it all into His purpose for her life. Ms. Biltmore, I salute your courage.

  3. Hello Tasha Biltmore
    I would like to cast a vote for you as a Courageous Woman!! I thank you for having the passion of helping and bringing awareness to this known but not talked about topic! And for that you are Courageous!

  4. Tia M.

    Tasha is committed to bringing awareness to a very important area of concern especially for women affected by Domestic Violence, and I applaud her for her ongoing efforts!!! Bravo Tasha! Keep up the great work.

  5. Missy Starling

    I am voting for Tasha Biltmore because I have seen her struggles & success from day one.
    She is one that keeps going & keeps pushing despite any obstacles that may arise she will not let anything or anyone stop her. She is going to somehow someway pull off a production, she has the ability to turn a small affair into a large event because that’s who Tasha Biltmore is. Kudos to you my sister.

  6. Donna Crockett

    Tasha Biltmore!
    This woman is truly courageous and she walks in it with her head held high. She has so many ideas and is afforded the opportunity to bring them to fruition. I get excited watching her work. She has the ability to meet people where they are in life and that speaks volumes. I think to see her on the cover of this magazine would be an awesome gesture.
    Good luck Tasha B.

  7. Anika McFall

    This Woman is fearless and stays the course! Thinks then does!

  8. LaVette Drouineaud

    Talented woman !

  9. Riki Yvette Westmoreland

    I vote for Tasha Biltmore! I am sure all of these women are incredible, so the best of luck to everyone! For this, I go with Tasha, who I have worked with directly, spoken with, and who I love dearly. She keeps it authentic in a superficial world, holds her own, and cares about the people she works with. I have always felt loved and included with Tasha. I have watched her blaze trails, create, and make things happen. She alludes feminine strength. Tasha, you are amazing, Sis! I love you! And much more success to all of your endeavors. You show courage, tenacity, honesty even when it hurts, even when the world is a challenge. You even look good when you are sick! Hahaha! (That day on your live video.) But you still pushed through, you don’t let anyone discourage you, and even when it is scary, you still step out in faith and make things happen with prayer and trust in God.
    I love you forever, Sis! Rock it out!!!

  10. In my years of observation, Tasha Biltmore has exemplified the true meaning of a courageous woman, and undoubtedly deserves the cover of this beautiful publications which personifies all that Ms. Biltmore is.

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