Janell Jones Coaches Women to Release their Fears to Accomplish their Dreams

Janell Jones is on a mission to equip women and girls with the tools they need to help them love themselves and know their worth.

On paper, Janell has an online associate’s degree in psychology to a Master’s degree in social work, and a licensed social worker in the State of Ohio. On purpose, Janell is a certified life coach, author, speaker, and a business owner of Melanin Grace Publishing, LLC. Janell shares the amazing story of how she took the leap that awakened her to her purpose and destiny to help others understand how to maximize their greatest asset…them!  


Tell us about your journey to become a Life Coach and why you choose to help women?

I have always wanted to help others. Initially, I wasn’t clear in what capacity until life started throwing me lemons which began at a young age. I lost my father when I was five years old to a domestic dispute. He was shot in the stomach by his father. This left me fatherless and searching for love. When I was 14, I started dating my childhood sweetheart. I became pregnant by the age of 16 and had a baby at 17. Married at 20 and by 22, I had three kids By the age of 24 we were divorced. Most of the marriage was painful because we were two broken people trying to become whole through each other.

I had a hard time finding my identity and I felt unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I was almost 40 years old when I began the journey to find myself outside of my many roles. I had lost who I was and constantly put myself on the backburner. I became a certified life coach in 2017.

As an entrepreneur, I realized that I wasn’t dealing with internal baggage of pain, rejection, fear, not knowing myself or worth. The baggage transferred into my business and caused me to feel stuck. I realized that a lot of women were in the same boat and I commit to doing what I can to help them realize how to take control of their lives by starting with themselves. That is when I narrowed my niche down with my coaching program; In-Powered Entrepreneur.


As a life coach, do you draw from your past, challenges, and successes?

My goal is to provide women who’ve been through similar situations and felt stuck, undervalued, hopeless or lost with the tools, education, and encouragement to help them through. I know what it feels like to be in bondage from the pain and mistakes of your past, to take the leap and jump, break generational curses, believe in myself when no one else did, to grow up without a silver spoon and to stand and say, I belong here. To trust God when it looked and felt like I was losing everything, and to finally put myself first without the guilt. 

This is how I connect and relate to others. I don’t bombard clients with my story and what I’ve been through. As a coach, I help pull out the best in them.

 Generally, when someone enlists the help of a Life Coach, they are looking for help to accomplish their dreams and goals. What is your initial focus or process to help a new coaching client?

I usually work backward. Initially, my goal is to discover what my clients’ dreams and goals are. While interviewing, I look for those signs of something that is holding them back from reaching their dreams and goals. This usually comes out with questions and exercises I have them complete or just allowing the client to talk. I find that many women desire to see their dreams manifest. They attend many classes, seminars, and workshops that teach them how to build their business or live their dreams but are not dealing with the inner challenges that are preventing them from moving forward. My program is based on two sections; building the foundation (working within) and building the house (action plans). We work on personal development. Then we progress to professional development.


What are some of the common issues that hinder women in launching or growing their business?

Fear is one of the most debilitating hindrances. I have to add that fear manifest in other forms such as anxiety, doubt, and procrastination. I’ve seen women who wanted to be authors, business owners, designers, etc for 20 years and fear has immobilized them. I see people are either scared to fail or scared to succeed. 

 knowing who you are. If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where you’re going. I see people constantly trying to show up as someone else and fail every time. We were not born to be someone else. We’re all created with a purpose. Many fail to take the self-discovery journey to get to know and appreciate themselves. You can’t flourish being someone else.  


Not properly healing. When I was in a position of hurt, I had trouble helping others. As much as I felt helping others was a part of my purpose, I couldn’t serve others from an empty tank. I had to heal (refuel) before I was able to help anyone else. Properly healing taught me how to recognize others who were hurting (and not judge them) and also view others through the eyes of forgiveness and not pain. 


Time management. Many women are still working traditional jobs while the transition to business owners. The mere thought of having to work 40 hours a week (or more) and then come home to work on your vision seems impossible. I’ve always viewed it like eating the elephant one bite at a time. I teach my clients how to incorporate action steps while managing multiple roles. I don’t think it’s fair that you put so much time and energy into your job but can’t take any time towards your vision. 


Fear often plays a role in keeping a woman from making moves to accomplish her dreams. What are 3 ways you help women overcome their fears?

I help women to face their fears. It is important to deal with It. Fear is a natural emotion. You are going to be in many situations where you feel afraid. The goal is to not allow it to prevent you from moving forward.


I am a big component of affirmations. Affirmations help to transform your mindset. When I have a client who is dealing with fear, I asked them to write a counter affirmation to that fear. For instance, if a client is starting a new project and they are afraid they are going to fail. I have them write an affirmation that says “I am enough, I am intelligent, and I will complete this task with integrity, effectiveness and in excellence. After they have written the affirmation they will speak it both in the morning when they awake and before they go to bed.

 Finally, I hold them accountable to do it afraid. I give them a task based on the information they provided to get to where they want to be. Some tasks are easier than others.


Mindset is indeed a challenge for some women. Are there any techniques you can share to help women shift their mindset?

I believe mindset is everything. If you have a goal but haven’t achieved it in your mind first, you will not achieve it in actions. Shifting your mindset can be challenging, especially if you are accustomed to being in a negative environment or subconsciously doubting yourself. I recommend four techniques for shifting your mindset.

  1. Affirmations. As I stated before, using affirmation shifts your mindset. This places a demand on the universe to bring those things to past that you; law of attraction. Affirmations work equally negatively or positively. Napoleon Hill said it best “Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.”
  2. Mediation. Mediation allows you to take your desires into the hidden part of your mind which ultimately influences your actions. 
  3. Your circle. Our circle is a collection of who we are. Your circle are the people who are closet to you; they have access to you. We need people in our lives who are where we want to be or striving to be. I’ve watched people unable to reach their fullest potential because who they had in their circle.
  4. I love mindfulness, I have a course on it. Mindfulness is important because it helps you be in the present moment. The benefits are rewarding and impactful to your overall health. It helps to reduce stress and increase your focus.


a Life Coach, what would you say to a woman who is ready to give up on her business? 

Start by doing some assessing. Many people quit because they don’t see the instant result they want to see; trust me, I’ve been there. The reality is you are going to face disappointment, failure, hurt, rejection…it’s a part of the process. So you can continue and allow your seed to take harvest or you can continue to start over yielding little to no results.

 is your definition of a Courageous Woman?

 Courageous Woman is someone who is not afraid to walk in her full authenticity. She doesn’t compare or compete with other women, she is comfortable being herself. This women also pull other women up with her. She ignites the fire of those around her and is infused with peace. She’s confident in knowing that God is her source. She’s not defined by her past, she uses it as the ambition to help others grow.


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