CEO Damitra Stuart Reigns Supreme With Her Own Cable And Radio Channels

By Telishia Berry

Who knew the little girl from EL Paso Texas who made extra cash selling burrito’s, operated a lemonade stand, and at age ten performed as a break dancer would one day be the talk of Atlanta, running several businesses including a magazine, television network, and a radio network.

Damitra Stuart is that girl on fire! As the Publisher of Ambizion Magazine and CEO of Ambizion Media Damitra proves that a woman who left a turbulent marriage, suffered from depression, and attempted suicide can overcome adversities and come out on top. Damitra insists that in order to achieve your dreams and goals you have to push yourself no matter your age or financial status. I recently spoke with this hard working diva about her life, her business, and her dreams.

“It Doesn’t matter What age you are, you are in charge of your own destiny”

CW: Tell me three words that describe Damitra Stuart?

DS: Ambitious, Funny, Stubborn

CW: Tell me about your latest ventures?

DS: Aside from running my magazine, throwing events, and continuing to build up my cable channel etc I’m REALLY excited about building my new radio branch SRN Entertainment! I am executive producer of all shows that come on the network and I’m excited to have another platform to give people the opportunities to make dreams happen! I am also excited for my new Children division with Ambizion Talent, growing my clothing line and venturing into acting ……..other than that MORE TO COME!

 CW: What was the inspiration behind Ambizion Magazine?

DS: Ambizion Magazine was previously called Atlanta Ambition Magazine and it debuted online Jan 1st 2011 and it was a monthly lifestyle online magazine for women in business in the Atlanta area. As time grew the magazine became popular and I began getting messages from readers across the country including overseas, I was also offered a cable channel and men asked me why they couldn’t be featured so in Jan 1st 2013 on it’s 2nd B-Day I changed the name to Ambizion Magazine for Ambitious Men and Women! .

CW: Tell me about the cable network

DS: Ambizion Television Networks Channel 519 premiered on May 19th 2012 on Wisecast Television ( offered by network owners Brian Joubert and Eric Brown! Ambizion Television is a global cable channel that is dedicated to Independent Filmmakers, show creators and Independent Music Artits with videos to show case all genres of talent all over the world! Accepting all genres of Indie Films, TV Shows and Music Videos for more info please contact me at!

CW:Tell me about your radio show and network and how that came about?

DS: The opportunity came to play in July 2012 when I was introduced to the CEO of Survival Radio Network Klarque Garrison Radio and was given the opportunity to create Ambizion Radio! My show broadcasts every Tuesday night 10:00-11:00PM EST on and it is a entertainment talk show about celebrities and their goals and life experiences as well as an entertainment headline segment called Celebrity Juice! More info

CW: You said you suffered from depression. What was it that freed you from it and helped you to move forward?

DS: Everyone has been depressed from time to time and some are extreme examples depending on who you ask but in my case my worst case of depression was when I was in my marriage that was turbulent, volatile and disrespectful on both ends. I was a VERY angry and depressed person and even tried to take my life while on a personal vacation that I took to contemplate leaving my marriage because I could not take a “War of the Roses” type of life anymore. Other than that I’m very strong and confident but that period of my life definitely took me down. I have been through a lot of rough times and by the Grace of GOD he has ALWAYS pulled me through I feel so blessed he gave me another chance to follow my destiny!

CW: What were the biggest fears you had in launching your own business. How did you overcome them?

DS: I have NEVER feared owning my own businesses. I have had some type of business every since I was a child and owned a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states for 13 years before I fell into the Entertainment/Media biz so this is all I know! Business is my life and in my blood I came out of the womb with a briefcase and pumps! I have always been the type to go for it if it doesn’t work out at least I tried and that works for me and I also give business consultations to other business owners as well!

CW: What other business do you operated at this time?

DS: Currently I operate Ambizion Magazine, Ambizion Television Networks, Ambizion Radio, SRN Entertainment, Ambizion Talent, Ambizion Talent Kids, Ambizion Events, Ambizion Graphics, Ambizion Consulting and Development , Ambizion Apparel, Ambizion films and TV projects that are in the works!

CW: What advice would you give other women looking to launch a business?

DS: Follow your passion! Too many women put their dreams aside for others and sacrifice their happiness and for what? You want to be that example so your children and people around you can also be inspired. Always stick to your guns and create your vision ON YOUR TERMS, WORK HARD to stay above the crowd and BE UNIQUE! I am creating a global Business Woman organization for women who are just like this now called Ambizion Dollz! For more Ambizion Dollz info

CW: What does being courageous mean to you?

DS: Being Courageous to me is being able to rise above all flames, I saw my mother do it and with such grace and I believe that rubbed off on me! To go from a troubled past and lifestyle, to come out of everything that has happened to me in life and to turn my life around and own all media while changing people’s lives in the process is TRULY a blessing and I am so THANKFUL! It’s a Dog Eat Dog World out there but as long as you have faith and roll with the punches you will truly survive!

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