Millionaire Author And Life Coach Dani Johnson Shares Her Journey To Success

By Telishia Berry

No matter what adversities you’ve experienced in your life, millionaire, author, and life coach, Dani Johnson says you can rise above those challenges and become successful. You may have seen Dani Johnson featured on the ABC show “Secret Millionaire,” where successful millionaires left their wealthy lives for a week to live in a poverty stricken area. At the end, they each select deserving community heroes to give thousands of dollars to.

Dani Johnson’s success is proof that growing up on welfare in a violently abusive, drug-infested home does not have to be one’s future. After becoming pregnant at age seventeen, homeless, emotionally distraught, overweight, and suicidal, Dani Johnson knew she had to make a decision to change. “Being broke and homeless was no longer an option,” she said. It was those unfortunate circumstances that gave her the drive and determination to convince a manufacturing company to license products for her. With little more than people skills, she initially sold the products from the trunk of her car. The business grew fast. She eventually had her own line of weight-loss products and eighteen weight-loss clinics around the country. That company sold in 1986.

Today, Dani Johnson, a wife and mother of five is the owner of Call To Freedom International, and she runs the King’s Ransom Foundation, a non-profit organization. She and her husband, Hans also own several other businesses including a cattle business, a software company, an oil company, and an internet business. She defines her success as sheer determination. She admits that she has no college education, and she learned the most about business simply through trial and error and by interviewing business professionals. “I learned a lot by talking to successful business people.” She advises others who desire to be in business to find successful people in the field that you want to be in, interview them and find out about their journey to success. She also advises people to be serious about saving their money. “I’ve often heard people say ‘Rich people are so frugal with their money’. Well that’s why they have money!” She chuckles.

Dani Johnson believes that living below your means is one major key to wealth. “People need to learn to budget and save more and not spend so much on extra things. Society has become a consuming society instead of an investing and saving society. There was a time when we would not spend more than 25 cents for a cup of coffee, and now millions of people are driving by the popular coffee shops twice a day for a $5 cup of coffee,” she says. Dani refers to an excerpt of a scripture in the Bible as the financial law: If you can be faithful over the little things, then you will be made ruler over much (Matthew 25:23). “If you’re spending all you make then you are not being faithful. You’ve got to be faithful over the little things you have before you can be ruler over much,” She says.

Dani Johnson provides more keys to wealth in her new book, First Steps to Wealth. The book is available for FREE at In the book, Dani Johnson gives step-by-step advice on how to increase your income no matter where you are in life and how to make more money in less time with less stress. “The book is available for free because our country is hurting, and people need that extra leg up,” she says.

With all the business advice Dani Johnson gives, she doesn’t hesitate to incorporate spirituality into her life and her coaching advice to clients. “When your spiritual life is messed up, everything else is messed up.” Much of her business advice is biblically-based through audio, video, and other books available on her website. From strategy calls, to free training, and her radio show, Spiritually Equipped, Dani Johnson’s goal is to give those who want advice on how to become successful the information and tools needed to do so. It is her desire to build people up and to help people eliminate their fears. “Fear turns into excuses,” she says. “We can live our lives according to our excuses or we can live it by the way we want to live.”

So let’s get rid of our excuses and take some advice from Dani Johnson. Log on to I personally guarantee you that there is something powerful there waiting to help propel you to the next level!

Watch these segments of Dani Johnson on The ABC show, Secret Millionare. They both made me cry.

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