Meet DeLores Pressley: Masterminding Clients into Magnificence

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by Telishia Berry

DeLores Pressley is a woman who exudes love and generosity. She is a sought-after international keynote speaker, published author and life coach who is dedicated to helping people make bold moves, be courageous and create their marvelous life.

DeLores Pressley is the CEO of DeLores Pressley Worldwide and the founder of She Elevates™, a charity to help create and empower women and girl entrepreneurs. Mrs. Pressley took a moment from her busy schedule to speak with CW about her coaching endeavors.

How did your journey begin?

“Throughout my life I have been told ‘no’”, Pressley recalled. ‘No, you cannot be a ballerina.’ ‘No, you cannot go to college.’ ‘No, you cannot be a model.’ ‘No, you cannot own a modeling agency.’ Society tried to determine my self-worth; however, I would not let them. All of those “no’s” only drove my motivation to succeed and prove the naysayers wrong.”

“I always got in trouble at school for talking too much. I think I recognized my gift of voice as a young girl. In 1986, I started my first business, Dimensions Plus Size Model Agency. I was often invited to be a guest expert on national television shows, and as a frequent media guest, I spoke a lot about how women should love themselves, no matter what. I was not an advocate of obesity, but I believe that we use our power to love ourselves at all times. Yes, we may need to make changes, but you have to love yourself through the change. Thus, my speaking and coaching career was birthed.”

“My coaching focus is to help female business owners and executive women create their life legacy. I have many clients who inspire me. Every time I see a client realize their dreams, it definitely inspires me. I have clients who have started successful businesses and become successful speakers. One particular client, Shalon Barnett, thought she could never become a professional speaker. She spoke just above a whisper. After working with her, she’s now a professional inspirational speaker who speaks on national stages. She started “Shalon’s H.O.P.E. Helping Other People Excel,” a non-profit organization that provides physical, educational and personal support to women who w

Who is your ideal coaching client?

My ideal client is a woman who has experienced success in their business or career but want to take their life to another level–a woman who is happy with her life; however, she knows she can do more to fulfill her life and leave a marvelous legacy. My Marvelous Masterpiece Mastermind is offered as a group coaching program or VIP Individual Coaching. Marvelous Masterpiece ™ is a 5-step Masterplan to Create Your Most Magnificent Life:

Step 1: Unearth and illuminate your identity.

Step 2: Meditate on your divine dream.

Step 3: Evaluate your belief system.

Step 4: Create your marvelous masterplan.

Step 5: Execute your marvelous masterplan.

I offer my “Marvelous Life” coaching program online for individuals for six to nine months. Clients also may choose nine months of bi-monthly coaching calls via teleconference or Skype. In the “Shadow Experience with DeLores Pressley” package, the client attends an event where I am speaking, experiencing up close and personal the life of a professional speaker, including backstage visits. I pay event registration costs and the client pays for all travel and hotel accommodations.

With your experience as a speaker and speaking coach, what are some traits or attributes one should possess to become a power speaker?

You should have a mindset of a well-paid speaker, which encompass some specific things:

  •         Confidence in what they bring to the table and its value
  •         Willingness to be fully prepared, knowledgeable
  •         Clarity regarding their brand, their message and their goals
  •         Passion for what they do
  •         Willingness to share of themselves and their expertise in a way that brings true value to their potential clients
  •         Genuine desire to serve others and help them succeed

In your Launchpad Speaker Coaching program, you cover how to have a powerful presence. What are some tips on projecting a powerful presence for speakers?

The most important elements of presenting with power and presence are knowing your topic and your target audience well, and rehearsing your speech until you can confidently stand before them and blow them away with your knowledge and expertise.

Confidence is key to presenting with power and presence. The more you’re prepared for your time with them, the more confident you will be. You will need to work on any fears so that you can own that platform, stand tall and proud, move with purpose and speak with authority, heart and conviction.

As a coach and speaker, is there anything you haven’t accomplished that is on your “To Do” list?

Yes, I would like to coach more celebrities such as Oprah, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian. I think every woman needs a coach, mentor and sponsor. I have several coaches and they have contributed to my success. I believe in thinking big, so Oprah’s picture is now going on my Marvelous Masterpiece Vision Board. I truly believe that I will work with Oprah again.

You are a woman of influence with numerous awards and accolades. What has been the most rewarding award or experience?

One of the best experiences of my life (other than marrying my husband of 37 years) is appearing as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was a life- and business-changing experience. Another amazing experience was receiving the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama last year.

What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?

A woman who makes bold moves and never apologizes for her success. A Courageous Woman takes risks, knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it, pushing through any fears to achieve her desired result and becoming a woman of grit and power.

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