Dr. Cortesha Cowan: Helping Build Confidence in Women and Girls

October coverby Jessica Taylor-Mosley

Dr. Cortesha Cowan, Founder, and CEO of Mothers Helping Mothers Inc., was a teen mom who grew up in Lima, Ohio. With the support of her family and her innate drive to succeed, Dr. Cowan maintained school attendance, activities, and employment until graduation. Upon moving to Columbus, she became a childcare teacher and currently owns a childcare center called Cozy Corner Home of Care & Love LLC.

Affectionately known as “The Confidence Coach” for her ability to help women and young girls grow their confidence and passion for what they are trying to do,  Dr. Cortesha Cowan is a straightforward coach that develops the passion in women and young girls.

As a female entrepreneur, Dr. Cowan has worked hard to build a step-by-step model for opening homes for teen and young mothers that are homeless and in need of support services. She has leveraged her professional and personal experience to empower teen mothers, young girls, and women and help them grow. Dr. Cowan’s main objective in life is to educate, empower, and support others. In 2008, God gave Cortesha Cowan the vision to help teen mothers to become self-sufficient by being a resource to young mothers and their children. Courageous Woman was granted the opportunity to sit down and speak with this powerhouse and find out why she is a woman on the move!

CW: Dr. Cowan, I want to first applaud you for all of your major accomplishments. You are definitely a woman on the move! Tell us, why are you so passionate about the work that you do with young teen girls. Why are YOU the Harriet Tubman of young girls?

Dr. Cowan: Let me first say thank you to you as well for allowing me to share my story. To answer your question, I was once in that young lady’s shoes. I was a teen mom. I understand the struggles that one has a teen girl. Two, if I can help any young lady avoid the pitfalls that I did, then I am willing to be vulnerable and share my story. I feel as though the young people of today would be more willing to listen if they feel as though you understand and really care about their wellbeing. I asked GOD to use me, and He does!

CW: Who are you at your core?

Dr. Cowan: I am a nurturer. I am someone that just loves to love on people. I want to see them live their best lives.

OCT COVER 2CW: Do the children that you work with come from abusive backgrounds?

Dr. Cowan: Absolutely! A lot of our girls come from domestic violence abuse backgrounds. I didn’t come from that. However, God has given me a passion to help those that others would deem unlovable, and I do just that–I shower them with all the love that I have!


CW: What is your definition of courageous?

Dr. Cowan:  My definition of courageous is having the ability to talk about what others don’t want to. Courageous Women are fully aware of what’s going on and is not afraid to open their mouth and bring light to a situation.

CW: Tell me about a time that you had to be courageous.

Dr. Cowan: I had to stand up and be a voice for my own organization. There were people who did not want me to succeed.  Although I knew there would be struggles, I had to get the guts to tell these people that with or without them, Mothers Helping Mothers would stand.

CW: Why do you feel like you were called to this type of work?

Dr. Cowan: Honestly, I’ve been doing this all my life. I was nurturing and taking care of family members when I was a young girl. I had addicts in my family. I would look out for them. I’ve literally been taking care of people all my life. I was chosen for this! It’s my destiny work. It just comes easy for me.

CW: What is next for Dr. Cowan?

Dr. Cowan: I am branding me. It’s time for people to know who I am. I am passionate about Black Wall Street. It’s time for me to teach other entrepreneurs the way. I want to be a guide for others.

Dr.  Cortesha Cowan is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and author of several books. She is also the recipient of the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Connect with Dr. Cortesha Cowan on Facebook.

Jessica Taylor-Mosley is an award-winning journalist, PR consultant, radio personality, and publisher. Connect with her on Facebook @Jessica Mosley.

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