BLESSED:  Dr. Shirley Clark’s Journey of Faith, Sacrifice, and Abundance


 Blessed: Dr. Shirley Clarks Journey of Faith, Sacrifice, and Abundance

 by Telishia Berry

Dr. Shirley Clark is a marketplace leader, community activist, prolific author and TV/radio show host. As CEO of Clark’s Consultant Group, a business incubation management company, her firm services multimillionaires, corporate executives, professional speakers, community leaders, business owners, and authors.

Looking at Dr. Clark’s life today, one might not guess the humble beginnings that motivate her to advocate for other people’s change and success. “It’s all about helping others, “she said.

Quietly, I listened as Dr. Clark humbly shared her testimony with me.

My Beginnings

“I came from gross poverty,” she said. “I remember as a child, if all of our utilities were on at the same time, it was a blessing. I was the youngest of seven children and it was very hard for us. My parents were married as teenagers and when their relationship became rocky, my mother left. Three years later, we were reunited. I remember being so excited that I was going to live with my mother again, in hopes that things would be better, but unfortunately, I was met with more poverty. Because we all were so psychologically scarred and affected by the abuse we suffered from the hands of our caregivers, there was nothing my mother could do with us. Education was low on my family’s radar–I flunked out of my first semester of English, and even though I graduated, the only thing I could write was a run-on sentence.”

My Turning Point

Dr. Clark wanted more, but wasn’t sure how to get it. “I was a Christian, my mother was a Christian, but I have learned that being a Christian is not enough. As a Christian, you have to know your rights in God,” she said. I was at a church service and the preacher said, ‘Come to the altar. Give your life to Jesus. Your life will change for good.’ I went to the altar. After that night, I began to study the Word of God. When I began to build faith, I knew I could overcome anything.” She learned the power of prayer and began to pray for everything she wanted. “I prayed in shoes, clothes and anything I believed I could have.”

dr-shirley-clark-yellow-halfA Shift in my Thinking

Dr. Clark’s marriage helped steer her out of the poverty mentality. She recalls, “My husband came from a family of educated people. However, at age 35, I found myself in a school lab learning how to write properly. I worked in the library system by day and cleaned it up at night. I never made over $23,000 a year. I was told that if I went back to school and got a Master’s degree, I would make more, but not much more,” she said.

“I knew in my heart I was supposed to be a CEO, but didn’t have anything to guide me. I needed to write my vision and have faith, even while we were barely paying bills. I heard Pastor Mike Murdock say that when you write something out, it causes it to come to pass 97% faster.”

Dr. Clark began to spend more time praying and reading the Bible. “I came across a scripture that said God would give seed to the sower. I learned that sowing seeds are the most powerful way to break a cycle. Someone sowed a $100 seed to me and I planted it in the Kingdom of God.” By faith, she believed things were going to change. “When my husband’s job transferred us from North Carolina to Texas, I saw my faith working.”


dr-clark-black-quoteWalking by Faith

“Walking by faith is true. I had been lying on that floor praying, walking in faith and planting seeds,” she said. “It was time to go to another level. I didn’t want to keep praying just to pay bills. I asked God, ‘When do I get the abundance of Christ?’”

Despite what she had been told–that financial rewards and increase could only come by way of an advanced degree–Clark understood the power of God. “Many owners of major corporations are without degrees,” she said. “It was time to possess the land.”

“Nine years ago, we found ourselves living the American Dream, but we were around $80,000 in debt. Our ‘American Dream’ had turned in to a nightmare.”

“When we were faced with that debt; I vowed to myself to do something different. I had already written the vision–now I needed it to manifest. I began putting signs all over my house: ‘I’M GOING TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!’ My family probably thought I was crazy, but I had to tell the universe, basically, I was calling those things which be not as though they were.”

“Hebrews 11:16 says, God will reward those who diligently seek him. I knew I had been seeking Him. I began to read books by millionaires. God began to show me everything I needed to know to write books and to help others write their books. God showed me my worth. I got my first $12,000 contract while on the floor (seeking Him)!”

blessed-book-cover-front-1In her 22nd book, BLESSED, How to Attract Wealth into Your Life, Dr. Clark shares her journey to success. She wanted to release a tool that would give people practical steps to activate the fullness of God’s blessings and get what they want in life. Even if you come from poverty and meager beginnings, you can still end up BLESSED! The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

Connect with Dr. Clark via her website,; email at; by calling 1-877-356-4711 Ex. 101; or by sending letters to PO Box 860794, Plano, TX 75086-0794. Dr. Clark is also on the following social media platforms:

Facebook and Twitter: Dr.ShirleyClark

Pinterest: SCLARK0596

Instagram: drshirleyclark/

YouTube: shirleykeechclark

LinkedIn: shirley-clark-34161713

Telishia Berry, is the publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine, Host of Courageous Woman Radio, author and manager to numerous television actors.


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