Kearn Crockett Cherry a Trailblazer Who Leads

Kearn Crockett Cherry is a speaker, entrepreneur, coach, event developer, and author. She and her husband Dennis both have degrees in Occupational Therapy and have worked together for 27 years. They have owned PRN Home Care for 23 years. She is also the co-founder of the Success Women’s Conference.   

We recently got an opportunity to speak with Kearn, a businesswoman, mother and grandmother about the amazing work she does with women.


Kearn, one of your main focuses is to bring women together for a purpose, what does it mean to network and collaborate up?

I love connecting and meeting new people whether it is in person or through social media. I realize that people have lost the meaning of true networking which is building relationships. 

“To be successful today, you must know how to connect with others and turn those relationships into collaborations.”


Tell us about your business and what makes your services different?

PRN Home Care is not just about providing homemakers, companions, nursing assistants, and nurses.  We have created an environment of assisting caregivers to find much-needed resources. We created a caregiver’s conference, TV show – “Unwrinkled Heart Caregivers’ Journeys” and resource guides.  

As a coach, I focus on teaching people how to get sponsors, getting your attendance and creating other streams of revenue.  


You are The Visionary Author of your new book anthology “Trailblazers Who Lead” please tell us more about this amazing project?


The purpose of this project is to allow the unsung Trailblazer to be heard. To show others that with “grit” and determination anything can be done. To spotlight people throughout the world who are doing great things.  


What inspired you to create this amazing opportunity for Trailblazers throughout the world to share their stories?

These women are doing amazing things in their community, work, ministries and more.  They are teachers, servant leaders, nurses, pageant queen, singers, attorneys, mental health providers, speakers, and more.  Many own their own business or non-profit organization.


You are producing the Power-Up Summit which will be held May 29-31, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. Please tell us more about your conference and how we can support and purchase tickets?

My goal is to bring people together and provide optimal wisdom, encouragement, and resources.  I believe that many individuals like speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs are not creating enough streams of revenue for business survival.  Some are not aware of all the opportunities. So, I am bringing people together in a smaller setting with presenters who can help them reach those goals.  For more information email –

As a person who creates events, I will also be speaking on “How to Put Butts in the Seats” and “Getting Sponsors”.  Other presentations like “How to Pitch Yourself”, “Getting Booked as a Corporate Speaker”, “Creating Streams of Revenue”, branding, social media and more.


You are the Co-Founder and Director of the Success Women’s Conference. Please tell readers more about your conference and how they can purchase tickets and get involved?

Success Women’s Conference is in its sixth year.  Each year we are looking forward to inspiring, empowering, recharge and connecting women from across the nation.  Last year we had over 1,000 attendees from 25 states. 


Previous keynotes are Lisa Nichols, Robin Roberts, Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, and Gloria Mayfield Banks.  We are always looking for speakers, volunteers, vendors, brand ambassadors and of course sponsors. We also launched our Success Women’s Academy last year where we feature guest trainers and live smaller events that are free to the members.  The members also get to attend the main conference for free. You can find all this on our website at 


How can readers support and connect with you on all social media platforms?

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube under Kearn Cherry, Kearn Crockett Cherry or PRN Home Care.  
Kearn Crockett Cherry is featured on the February 2020 cover of Courageous Woman Magazine

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