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Lindsey Vertner is an award-winning, mindset coach, speaker, and author. She teaches the ambitious leader how to balance her life by putting herself first without guilt.

Lindsey teaches the developing, female entrepreneur how to identify her purpose, gain clarity on her roadblocks, and create an action plan towards a thriving business. On a personal note, Lindsey loves to laugh and often breaks out into random dance. Lindsey is a sucker for massages and snacks. Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston are her spirit aunties.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a Personal Development Life Coach? 

A 2007 wreck left me brain dead and paralyzed. By God’s grace, I recovered physically in record timing, but my emotional recovery took much longer. I struggled to find balance and understand my purpose. I began a self-improvement journey and coached myself from asking “why me?” to instead asking “why not me?” I noticed many women were struggling in their ways with self-worth, work-life balance, & identifying their purpose. Now, I teach women all over the world that no matter what obstacles they’re facing, they’re worthy and fully capable of creating their “First Class Life”.

As a Life Coach, what is your #1 goal and mission?

My number one goal is to teach ambitious women how to create a “First Class Life”. It’s not about money or achievements. It’s about actively and intentionally creating a life full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. The keyword being creating – not buying. I know what it feels like to have all the “things” but not truly feel happy. I know what it feels like to have a fear of failure or not being good enough. I know what it feels like to be surrounded by obstacles and feel buried. However, it’s about becoming planted instead of buried.

“Through coaching and speaking, I’m on a mission in 2020 to teach at least 10,000 women how to create this life for themselves” 

Describe 3 strong components that you use in personal development coaching? 

I created a methodology that focuses on the three pillars of self: self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline. These three pillars are the crucial, yet often overlooked, components to success in any area of life. Whether coaching an individual, an entrepreneur, or a corporate team, I’m able to connect the pillars of self to every client. Most people don’t recognize how these pillars positively or negatively show up in our behaviors and subconscious beliefs.


Lindsey Vertner - Courageous Woman MagazineAs a Life Coach, do you draw from personal experiences to develop coaching strategies? 

I often draw from my own life – especially the painful experiences because there’s always purpose in your pain. You’re suffering for nothing if you don’t figure that out. My story is someone else’s breakthrough. So, I use my experiences and observations to help create bridges between where you’ve been in the past, where you are in the present, and where you desire to go to in the future.

“I feel most successful when I’m helping other women to be successful”


Tell us about your non-profit organization and the upcoming conference. 

My best friend, Veltra Taylor, and I are the founders of The Unleashed Woman. Our events help women feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired. They’re connected on a deeper level that aids in everyone’s personal growth and professional development.

We’ll be holding our 3rd annual women’s empowerment conference on Saturday, November 9, 2019, in Indianapolis, IN. Women travel from all over to EXPERIENCE this transformational day. As a direct result of the conference, attendees have become authors, broken free from toxic relationships, started businesses, received promotions, and more! For more information, visit Use promotional code “COURAGEOUS” to save $20 on a 2019 admission ticket.

Lindsey Vertner - Courageous Woman Magazine

Throughout your life’s journey you’ve had some significant accomplishments and challenges, what would you say makes you a Phenomenal Woman? 

My ability to find the purpose in my pain and use that to teach other women how to turn their breakdown into a breakthrough. I also understand that it is easy to be phenomenal when surrounded by other phenomenal women, like my supportive mother and amazing friends. However, I recognize that not all women have a support team. So, I strive to make every woman I meet to feel supported and uplifted. I feel most successful when I’m helping other women to be successful.

Queen Boss RiseCongratulations on the #1 bestselling book that you co-authored. Please tell us about the book and where it is available. 

The Queen Boss Rise is an anthology with 15 empowering lessons to help women catapult their impact, money, and freedom. Each story is designed to help women rise out of lack, poverty, and unfulfilled lives. While providing practical tips, each co-author steps into a vulnerable place to share how they overcame fear, money issues, entrepreneurial struggles, personal insecurities, and more. Purchase your signed copy at 


What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?

Someone who goes after the things she desires despite the fear she may feel. She takes that feeling and turns it into energy to propel her towards her goals. A courageous woman creates her happiness. She’s not afraid to be assertive and is willing to say “no” to stand up for her boundaries. She’s not afraid to shine bright despite the downpour of rain, and she’s not intimidated by reaching out her hand to help other women become courageous, too!

Lindsey Vertner - Courageous Woman Magazine

How can women connect with you? 

To book for speaking engagements or for more information on working together, send an email to

For motivational content, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter at @LindseyVertner and subscribe to YouTube at

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