Matters of The Heart With Vickie Winans

by Telishia R. Berry

Vickie Winans is one of the most well-known gospel artists today. Some of her most popular songs include “Shake Yourself Loose,” “How I Got Over,” “Long As I Got King Jesus” and “We Shall Behold Him.”

Vickie Winans shared some of her “Heart” moments with us. When I asked Vickie what matters most to her heart, she didn’t hesitate to express that family is a high priority. Not only is Vickie Winans an award-winning Gospel artist, she is the 7th of 12 children; a wife to husband Joe McLemore; a mother to two hit producers, Mario Winans, and Marvin Winans Jr.; and a grandmother.

“Every aspect of life begins with the heart,” she said. Vickie believes that trust, as well as whom you give your heart to (both naturally and spiritually), are two major factors. “You have to always guard your heart, and when you totally trust someone, it should be between those two hearts and you should know that you can love that person freely and that they have your back.”

Vickie graciously expressed that being healthy contributes to your heart health and happiness. “Being unhealthy is not good and is no fun,” she said. “”What is life when you are not having fun? [You’ve] got to focus on keeping your heart happy!”

Vickie WinansHere’s what came to Vickie’s mind when asked these questions.

What impresses you?
The hardworking ethics of our working artists.

What makes you laugh?
All funny stories that lift the hurt and heals the hurt!

What motivates you?
My drive to succeed.

What saddens you?
Death, homelessness, and hurting hearts.

What sparks you about a social issue?
I really keep my opinions to myself on most social moments! I’m non-judgmental!

What was the most heart touching gift you’ve received?
My children and grandchildren.

What was the most heart touching gift you’ve given?
Money, transportation, and gifts to people who are underprivileged!

What is something you want people to know about your heart?
It loves, regardless to what is being thrown at it!

What advice would you give for:

Relationships – Try your best to take it slow. Don’t be so eager to give so much of yourself right away. You got to have balance. Don’t put so much confidence in man. Trust in God more.

Stress – The things that make you sick are not always things that you eat. Stress will take you out!

Depression – Seek professional or spiritual counseling.

Vickie also has a heart for the homeless. She dedicates her comedy tours and CD’s to the homeless and gives free passes and gift cards to people in homeless shelters. “I love to give money away. Working with the homeless, some are just so grateful to receive gifts and help. That’s when I realized that tears are clear. They don’t come in nationalities or democratic parties! They’re people like you and me that need help.”

Telishia Berry is the author of the Christian fiction novel, The Baptist Junkie, and the publisher of Courageous Woman Magazine, an inspirational publication that highlights the accomplishments of extraordinary women.

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