Necoya Tyson: A Talk with an Expert Event Planner

Necoya Tyson

A Talk with an Expert Event Planner

“Prepare for something to go wrong and be OK with that.”

These wise words were given as advice to All About You Event Management owner Necoya Tyson, and they have apparently always resided within her as she used the meaning behind them to start her own business.

In 2009, Necoya Tyson had been working for three months for an association when it began laying off employees. After one, two, and coming on three rounds of layoffs, Tyson thought, Last one hired, first one fired. Although she didn’t get fired, she did begin to prepare for something to go wrong, and instead of stressing, she became OK with what might happen and started her own business—All About You Event Management.

And she’s never been happier as she embarks on nearly ten years in the event planning business.

Tyson loves event planning, and she equally loves logistics. Where someone might see the differences between a 50th-anniversary party and a wedding, Tyson focuses on their similarities: “They all have the same types of components like decorations, venue, music.” It’s those similar components that allow Tyson to dig in and create unique experiences for her clients. “Coming into a room and seeing a blank slate with four walls and a floor and being able to transform that space into a beautiful memory?” Tyson said. “That’s what gives me happiness and joy in planning events.”

“Prepare for something to go wrong and be OK with that.”

For those looking to become an event planner, Tyson shared 3 things every great event planner should do for a new client:

  1. Provide a welcome gift/packet. “The package contains information about the company, a gift card to the couple’s favorite restaurant or something similar, and something special that encompasses the couple and their wedding.
  2. Meet with stakeholders. “Whether by conference call or in-person meeting, I like to meet with all people who make decisions or are paying for an event.” So, for example, if the parents are helping to pay for a wedding, at some point, Tyson wants to meet with bride, groom, and the parents.
  3. Provide constant communication.

 “I like to make sure the clients are OK and that they know they have someone in their corner.”

Tyson’s motivation to keep aspiring for higher comes from her son, her creativity, and her desire to create a legacy.

“My job has a great flexibility factor. I can work from home and pick my son up from school on certain days.”

Because her creativity is always ON, Tyson is constantly thinking of new ideas to wow her clients. One thing Tyson hopes to do with All About You Event Management is provide a business she can pass down.

When asked for her definition of a courageous woman, Tyson replied,

“A Courageous Woman is a woman who knows how to follow the rules but is not afraid to make up her own rules. She should “be OK with making up her own rules and coloring outside the lines.”

In seeing what looked like a bad situation—possible layoff—and turning it into the ambition to start her own business, Necoya Tyson is indeed a courageous woman.

To learn more about Necoya Tyson, her company, and future goings-on, check out her website.

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