Noreen N. Henry Author of Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life


Noreen N. Henry is a Victorious Living Strategist, who is an overcomer and legacy changer; who is known for her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding along with quick results. 

One of her passions is to see lives transformed from defeat to victory. She is a multiple #1 international bestselling books and new her book, “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life” was #1 in Hot New Releases. Noreen has experienced many trials and tribulations in her life, and has learned the tools to be victorious and overcome in her circumstances to victory, and that she can have joy and happiness and stay in peace amid chaos while working through her issues. As a result, Noreen is the Founder and CEO of Victorious Living Culture whose coaching and mentoring have helped countless people turn their situations into victory. She is the creator of the “Unleashing Your Greatest Potential & Living Your Best Life…NOW!” annual conference, and is now a TV Talk Show Host. Noreen is the mother of three beautiful children and three lovely grandchildren, and she resides in New York City.


Tell us about your business/products/services

Victorious living is a passion for me because it gives me pleasure to see women’s lives transformed by choosing a new way. Victorious Living Culture was created to empower you to live victoriously regardless of your life circumstances for those that have felt defeated, disappointed, and without direction. The awareness it gives with the knowledge you gain along with learning tips and tools through our books, various victorious living coaching programs will equip you to have joy, peace, and happiness while you go through your circumstances and overcome them to live VICTORIOUSLY!




“There is always hope!” “Victorious living is possible!” 


What has been your journey to becoming a Life Coach? 

Before choosing a new way, I would make choices that made for a miserable and unhappy life due to a lack of knowledge. After being tired, and fed up I made a choice. I learned to put God first and aligned myself with victorious living… everything began to turn around and continue to get better and better! 

My journey to becoming a life coach is two-fold. First, it’s based on my experiences and all that I’ve overcome. Secondly, being a life-coach was the leading of the Lord. Accepting the assignment as my purpose for being here. The journey began when I was all alone on New Year’s Day. I was sitting on my couch and came across an email to join a Kingdom Builders Academy. I signed up for the academy and, as the saying goes, the rest is history as I’ve helped countless women, men too, to move from mediocre and defeated lives to victorious living.



What is the motivation behind the Victorious Living brand?


The motivation for the victorious living brand is 1) the leading of the Lord, and 2) I’ve always been passionate about helping individuals. I have advised others for many years. I like to see people happy and making the right choices to live the life of their dreams. As was said to me by my former pastor, you have a shepherd’s heart. 


Many are not living victoriously the way we should be daily, and many aren’t even aware of it. I once wasn’t aware, I thought I was okay, but in the back of my mind, I knew there was more. I believe this is the reason I was led to the victorious living brand.


Can you define “Owning Your Life.”

To own your life is to have power or mastery over it. Owing your life is to take charge of it to create the life you want. It doesn’t just happen, you have to do something. When you own your life, you will make plans and follow the process to live the life of our dreams, you won’t just let life happen to you like I once did before becoming aware and gaining the right knowledge.



What are some of the challenges you had to overcome to Live Victoriously?

One of the challenges I had to overcome was my mindset. For me, this is the biggest challenge to overcome. Our minds are shaped while we are in the womb, and as we become aware that we need to do something differently, we have to work on changing the mindset first because it’s the mindset that dictates how we live. Our mind is the control center of our lives, and we have the power to change it. We do so by refilling our minds with positive reading materials and listening to positive messages. 



What is the number one challenge that prevents most people from Living Their best life?

I would say the number one challenge that prevents most people from living their best life is being self-aware of it. Next is looking within themselves to analyze themselves, then get out of their way to live the life of their dreams. When we don’t have that awareness, we continue living life as we know it. There won’t be any change so it starts with awareness first.


What are 3 components to Living Victoriously?

The three components to living victoriously are: 

1) to not accept mediocrity, not stay stuck or broken, to do something about it. 

2) Gaining the foundational knowledge to begin making the changes. 

3) Applying the knowledge gained to their lives. These components guarantee a victorious life. Again, you have to do something or nothing changes. In actuality, it gets worse, and I’m speaking from experience.


What programs do you currently offer?

My current programs are: “one-on-one coaching,” “The Best 5 Steps to Overcome Ever Bootcamp,” “3 Foundational Keys to Victorious Living,” and “30-day Journey of Foundational Tips for Victorious Living.”


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