Pasha Carter: Helping Moms Make Money

Pasha Carter
The Mom Who Helps Other Moms Make Money

Pasha Carter is a wife, a mom of four, and a businesswoman who has built a multi-million-dollar business and brand… But most importantly, she’s a person that helps women all over the world master the art of building wealth and leaving a legacy.

“For me, when something continues to grow after I have been a part of it, that means, not only have I helped one person, I’ve helped the next generation”

We caught up with this busy mother while she was handling her business and her mom chores.
CW: What is a typical day like in the life of Pasha Carter?
PC: I wake up at 5:45 am, and I ask myself, “Who’s life is going to better today because I’m awake?” I then get my kids off to school; fix an amazing cup of coffee, and then head to the gym with my husband. The rest of the day is spent building my business from my laptop or phone…whether I’m home, or out and about.

CW: What makes Pasha Carter a Courageous Woman?
PC: I’m willing to fail, publicly. I embrace my mistakes.
Another thing that makes me courageous is I’m not afraid of my own light dimming just because I’m shining a light on someone else. Some women have a scarcity mentality and feel that they have to compete rather than collaborate. I enjoy doing joint ventures with other women because we are stronger together.
And lastly, I always address challenges HEAD ON.

CW: As a coach, you teach others life strategies, as a mom have you learned any strategies that helped you better manage the duties of parenting?
PC: The number one duty of parenting, in my opinion, is for your children to know they are loved and that you see them. I have learned how to not just be there physically for them but to actually be present and engaged in those times that are dedicated to them. When they walk into the room I celebrate them, because I want them to know that I am their biggest fan.

CW: Our Job as parents is to teach our kids, but sometimes we learn from them. What lessons have you learned from your kids?
PC: My kids have taught me to not overthink and just dive in. When my children want to try something new and exciting, they don’t procrastinate, they JUST DO IT! They don’t care if they do it right or if they don’t have all the answers, they simply go for it. They know that you can’t learn how to swim by sitting on the edge of the pool taking notes. So, for me, whether it’s doing a TV Show, writing a book, taking on a new project, or simply following up with someone – no matter what it is – I dive in.

CW: You coach women how to leverage their business and many of them have families, what are three tips you would give a woman in business on how to better manage her business and family?
1. You must, without a shadow of a doubt, have some form of passive income because that gives you time, which is one of our most valuable assets, as women.
2. You should always have MORE THAN one stream of income in case something goes wrong with one stream.
3. Incorporate your children into what you do on a regular, whether it’s allowing them to file papers, brainstorm new ideas, or just sit in your office with you while you’re returning messages. When kids start to understand your business, they learn to love it rather than despise the time it takes.

CW: You are not only a great coach and mom, you have great a partner and husband. How do you work together in marriage, family, and business to achieve your goals?
I’m his biggest cheerleader, and he’s my biggest supporter. We encourage each other through the ups and downs of business. There have been times when I was down because my business wasn’t thriving, and during those times my husband knew how to encourage me and love me. We NEVER compete with one another because there’s more power in being on the same team.

As a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur I know you have crossed paths with some extraordinary women. What is your definition of a Courageous Woman?
PC: My definition is NOT being fearless, but rather feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I started my business at age 23, with no experience, and it was scary. But, I embraced the fear of the unknown and did it anyway. Not only have I been able to become successful, but I’ve shown others how to face their fears and become successful. I would rather someone fail at something they love, versus succeeding at doing something they hate.

CW: What’s up next for Pasha Carter?
PC: Not long ago I was interviewed in the best-selling book, THE WEALTH CHOICE. In this book, Dr. Dennis Kimbro interviewed some of America’s top African American Millionaires. It’s a blessing to have been interviewed, along with others like Daymond John, Tyler Perry, TD Jakes, and even Janice Bryant Howroyd… The first Black woman to run a Billion-dollar company. Being a part of that project has led me to some of the biggest projects in my 20-year career…

I’m now putting together one of the biggest platforms for kids to become entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and influencers. I also have a strategic partnership with the Largest Soft Skills Training Company in the world.

I’m helping a team of people build their own Million Dollar Businesses through an automated process, where all they need to succeed is a phone or computer! It’s the new approach to home-based business… Doing for entrepreneurs what Uber has done for the car service industry, and what Amazon has done with products.

Every woman deserves to learn the secrets to make more money, have more time, and to enjoy their life!

What we’ve learned about Pasha Carter is that she is not afraid of leaping and diving in for what she believes and deserves. She balances motherhood, being a wife and businesswoman all while helping others to succeed makes her an extraordinarily courageous woman.

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