Shaletha Sanders: WINNING While Losing, How She Lost 100 Pounds and Keeps If Off

Shaletha Sanders:
WINNING While Losing
How She Lost 100 Pounds and Keeps If Off

by Ladel Lewis

While shopping with her husband on Rodeo Drive she noticed none of the stores had her size. When she inquired, she was informed that their items did not exceed a size ten. That’s when Lady Shaletha Sanders, the leading lady of Total Deliverance Ministries, decided to reclaim her physical and mental health and lose 100 pounds in four and half months and KEEP IT OFF.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, being fit was nothing new to this decorated cross country athlete. A strict diet and consistent training kept her in tip-top shape. Her eating habits were so set that she never tasted Chinese food or even enjoyed a simple chocolate chip cookie until she was united in holy matrimony. After marrying the love of her life and being blessed with three beautiful children, she began to get lax with her healthy regimen and got up to 238 pounds. Who could tell their better half, “Stop wining and dining me?” Her husband loved her unconditionally but that wake up called prompted her to level up and take her life back.

How did she do it? Simply put, diet and exercise. Her journey didn’t begin with expensive gym memberships, but with home-based squats, jumping jacks and walking on the treadmill. She transitioned from walking on the treadmill to interval training (a combination of walking and running). Soon, she was able to hit the ground running and has yet to look back. She admittedly enjoys an occasional treat on the weekend. But for the most part, her strict diet consists of no beef and pork, plenty of fruits and vegetables and an ample amount of water.

In addition to living a healthy life, Lady Shaletha hosts two inspirational shows (”Joy in Our Town” and ”Positions”) that are broadcast on the Trinity Christian Network. Here, she highlights stakeholders that are impacting the Greater Columbus area.

“You never know what God has in store. You could be saying one thing and God could be saying something else.”

This Ohio State University graduate found her purpose and is well on her way to completing a graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Her passion is to open up a private practice to give the community techniques and strategies to deal with the stressors of life.

As an Officer of the Court, and Chair of Youth Advisory Council, she works with delinquent youth. She believes it’s important to, “Pour into people everything that was poured into me.” Lady Shaletha literally takes her ministries to the highways and byways. She gives sex workers food and basic necessities. She was also on the board of directors of One Devine Line to Health – an organization that deals with human trafficking.
“Pour into people everything that was poured into me.”

When the First Lady isn’t busy pouring into the lives of strangers, you can find her working out, sewing, catching a movie with the ‘leading family’ or promoting her book “It’s Time for an Upgrade.”

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